Sunday, October 8, 2017

Toronto and North York Hunt Horse Hound Harvest Parade Creemore Ontario

Members of the Toronto and North York Hunt (TNYH) are equestrians of varying skill levels who enjoy a day out together in beautiful country riding to the hounds. TNYH is located in the rolling hills of Creemore, Ontario. Through the generosity of local landowners, we have thousands of acres available for riding and hunting in the countryside of Creemore, Dunedin, Singhampton, Feversham, Maxwell and Thornbury.

Members in “the Field” enjoy the thrill of following the hounds over hill and dale on the heels of the Fieldmaster who follows the Huntsman and hounds. We always have a group for people who prefer not to jump. Western tack and smart Western attire is always welcome, whether riding as a guest or member. Consequently, there is a place for virtually every rider to enjoy the day. Guests and new members are more than welcome!

For more information about riding with TNYH, please contact Ms. Carolyn Lane, or go to our website at TNYH.Horse.

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