Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Imagination Studio Art Space Clarksburg The Blue Mountains

The Imagination Studio is a colourful and vibrant art space that offers project-based programs and celebrations. Their projects create opportunity for makers and dreamers to discover and express themselves creatively. The Imagination Studio is the neighbourhood destination for families in The Blue Mountains to gather, discover our hidden talents, connect with community and nourish our artistic desires.

They believe that people big and small thrive best when they express themselves authentically. Their studio is a space to be curious, imaginative and creative.  Their projects develop creative thinking and problem solving skills through exploration. Their platform for artistic expression is committed to building community capacity through service. 

"Welcome to The Imagination Studio, projects for makers and dreamers- where curiosity comes to life." 

Ashley Green is the Creative Director and Owner of The Imagination Studio. An Author and child of the arts she fell in love with painting, drawing and creating at an early age. She is endlessly inspired by the imagination and creativity of children. Ashley studied Studio Art at the University of Guelph and went on to teach children of all ages across Canada. She has taught in over twenty-seven Indigenous communities spanning from British Columbia to Nunavut. Returning to The Blue Mountains as young mother she saw a need for an art space where children can create, explore and express themselves authentically. She dreamed up The Imagination Studio and is committed to providing her community with unique opportunities and an inviting space for imaginations to flourish.

The open studio is your neighbourhood destination for making time to express yourself, discovering your hidden talents, connecting with community and nourishing your artistic desires. Whether you are a new mom looking for a creative outlet, seasoned artist, new to town, group facilitator, or anyone in-between, open studio is an opportunity to get creative with family and friends. You will have access to the amazing project resources which will be sure to get your creative juices flowing. Need inspiration? Feel free to explore the project menu for ideas. Ashley is excited about having you feel at home in her incredible space to create. 
Check out our open studio availability here

Looking for a creative and inspiring venue? They rent the studio!

Yoga classes, baby showers, workshops, meetings & bridal parties are just some ideas to get you inspired about renting the studio.  Full day and half-day rental options. Tap into the wi-fi and enjoy the atmosphere and central ARTSBURG location.
Rental Availbility:
evenings: Monday-Friday 6pm-9pm
mornings: Sunday 9am-12pm
afternoons: Sunday 1pm-4pm
full day: Sunday 9am-4pm

price: half-day $50 full day $100

Patti Friday: Artist | Illustrator | Author | Wellness Community Member | Reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'


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