Friday, October 30, 2015

My Older Sister is Maira Kalman

I've been thinking and feeling about this for a long time.  About Frida Kahlo. I adore her. Anyone who remotely knows of me, knows this. But. The one working female Artist (Illustrator. Author. Designer) who holds my heart like an older Sister, is without a shadow of a doubt, Maira Kalman.

I have written about her here, here, and here.  The Wall Street Journal has a recent article:

Maira Kalman’s Bohemian Bliss Above a Bakery

Maira Kalman The Met Museum Workout Video

Maira Kalman’s Daily Digressions

I have a money pot of coins collecting so I can ring Julie at the Julie Saul Gallery (we've already emailed one another) and invest in my first Maira original. #dreamsdocometrue

Please don't classify me as a super-fan or crazy stalker-in-training peep.  (Have you listened to this recent radio interview?)

I truly want to grow up to be just like her. Who wouldn't love her!

Photo Source:  Google Images

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