Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Paddleboat Father

At first glance you may think this post is
about Sisters, family love or loyal friends
Perhaps a beautiful Canadian sunset on Georgian Bay

And it was all that
and so much more

But then upon further visual investigation
you begin to see a narrative of 
tenderness, adoration and memory making

Bonding, imprinting, spirituality

A lesson in nature
A quiet experience to recall in the future

It was a private, most certainly 
A time between Father and Child
or Uncle and niece
or Brother and Sister

It was serene
It was a floating testament to love

We, the girls on the shore
Silhouetted in pink sunshine

There were more oohs and ahhs
that drowned out the distance loon calls
We were mesmerized

We felt like peeping lake Toms
Shushing each other
and whispering ooey-gooey words

We actually could not believe 
just how adorable and blissful
this on-the-water dance was

What was this 'Paddleboat Father' doing?

It was as though he was granting 
his tiny Princess 
some almost impossible wish
A request
and then....
a symphony of 
echoed across the rippled golden surface
we sighed in unison
Le Sigh
Oh My God!

He paddled to the water's edge
to pick a delicate flower for her
Bending over to regally present it to her


Was there a camera hidden in the reedy ridge?
A cinematic Director
speaking into his ear
while they filmed this joyful event?

We stood frozen in disbelief
and marveled at his pure kindness
in his gentle botanical offering

This was and would be a defining moment
in this small child's life
We hoped she would remember
and if not
we hoped that the 
Paddleboat Father
would somehow find his way
to this blog
to save the images
so that some day
he could remind her 
Show her his love
over and over and over again

It wasn't hurried
or frenetic
It wasn't noisy or anxious

She was tranquil
So comfortable
So trusting
So innocent

It was a stillness of heart
as the ball of fire dropped into the horizon

A steadfast and true promise

As day follows night
He loves her

We'll leave my calling card on your windshield

If you are here reading this
We applaud you
You gave us hope that great men exist
Who do small things with purposeful intention
Men who will raise confident girls
into nature-loving strong women

The power of a flower
The power of a lullaby lake at sunset
The power of a Paddleboat Father

Patti Friday, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'

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