Saturday, August 1, 2015

Patti Friday is on Tondo

Put the kettle on.
I've got news!
I'm on Tondo.

What’s tondo? (tŏn′dō)

1) The world’s first fully-devoted art-centric social platform.
2) Your place to meet fabulous people who love art.
3) A completely open, awesome place for real art conversations, storytelling, sharing of art expertise, and absolutely no snobby art elitism.
4) Oh yeah….also a round painting, relief, or similar work of art.

Why would I join tondo?

We created tondo because we were frustrated with how closed-off the art world can seem. At tondo, every voice can be heard and there’s no such thing as a stupid question. We are a true “tondocracy”! This is your home for real and honest conversations about art. Whether you’re an artist, a gallerist, a curator, or someone who wonders why the hell a painting could be worth $100 million, you belong here.

What are people saying about tondo?

Financial Times: “ encouraging artists and specialists from galleries, fairs and auction houses to post about their work, [tondo] hopes to make insider knowledge “egalitarian, democratic and accessible to everybody.”

Connected Canvas: “Tondo is all about art and creativity. Its goal is to facilitate conversations about art and build internal communities centered on specific areas of the art world. It's for artists, collectors, or just creative-minded folks. Something tells me this will be a welcome retreat from the conversations likely happening in your Facebook feed…”

Calcalist: “The content in Tondo is varied...from posts about the popular street artist Banksy to discussions on how best to write press releases about artworks for sale.”

Ok, I do love art. How do I get started?

Register to join (it’s free!), create a profile, take a look around and join the conversation.

You can use our easy posting tool to create posts directly on the site, then spread them far and wide to your friends and family using our social share buttons. This isn’t your usual post-and-run platform, but rather a place to spark conversation.

Comment, reply and vote on tondoers’ posts that catch your eye or interest. The more you share, the better the conversation, and the further your content spreads.

Patti Friday, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'

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