Thursday, April 16, 2015

Time 100 2015: Marie Kondo Organizing To Change Your Life

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Marie “KonMari” Kondo runs an acclaimed consulting business in Tokyo helping clients transform their cluttered homes into spaces of serenity and inspiration. 
With a three-month waiting list, her KonMari Method of decluttering and organizing has become an international phenomenon. 
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is a best seller in Japan, Germany, and the UK, with more than two million copies sold worldwide, and has been turned into a television drama for Japanese TV. 
She has been featured on more than thirty major Japanese television and radio programs as well as in The London Times, The Sunday Times, Red Magazine, The Wall Street Journal , The New York Times, and many more.

From the book

1. Do tackle everything all at once.
2. Don’t keep anything that doesn’t “spark joy.”
3. Do banish all paper clutter.
4. Don’t hang on to unread books. 
5. Do strive for simplicity in storage. 
6. Do organize clothes by color.
7. Don’t waste money on organizational solutions. 

Patti Friday, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'

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