Saturday, April 18, 2015

Rebecca Rebouche: The Hustle

From the interview in the impressive magazine The Great Discontent
"Hustle is the dark horse of creativity, the close cousin of Grit and Tenacity. Without the hustle, drive, and complete devotion to making things happen, you are average. And I don’t mean hustle as in a nasty, shallow, step on anyone on your way to the top. No, not at all. I mean the unwillingness to make excuses about why you can’t achieve your dreams.
I have this saying: “There’s no music playing when your dreams are coming true.” That is the hustle. The hustle is humbling and, at best, completely authentic and gracious. Everyone sees me at the gallery opening, but no one sees me changing my clothes in my car. I could almost cry thinking about all the ways I’ve hustled, sacrificed, and scorched the earth with my striving. But what you start to realize is that hustle isn’t just for the novices and underdogs—hustle is a mindset, a practice. These days when I work really hard, I go for a run in the evenings to combat stress. As I run, I repeat to myself, “I refuse to fail. I refuse to fail. I refuse to fail.” Maybe that sounds simple, or even negative, but it’s edgy enough to strengthen my tenacity, to help me visualize my goals in relationship to my true north, and to cultivate enough energy to make those goals real." - Rebecca Rebouche 

Patti Friday, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'

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