Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Self Publishing Finally Gets the Respect It Deserves

History is beginning to scream from the rooftops a big, fat secret;  one that some arrogant conventional book publishing industry players have been dismissing for decades.  Placing the fear of a lifetime of failure and rejection into would-be, might-be or could-be great Authors.  These negative ideas have injected doubt into many aspiring novelists and those who dream of independently publishing their work of words, images and illustrations.

Self-publishing 'is' honorable and good and available to the masses.  Respect for you is abundant and waiting.  Hollywood is waiting.  Readers are waiting. We cannot allow the big 'poo-poo' naysayers to convince us that we are going down the wrong path to career hell.  

"Anyone can publish, that's the beauty of it," said Gail Jordan, Director of Public Relations at Lulu. "Nobody's going to say, 'We don't like your cover. Chapter 10 should be Chapter 6.' "

“Don’t self-publish. You’ll kill your writing career before it begins.”  (Ha!)

Watch this short video of Lisa Genova (Still Alice) and for god's sake. Do not quit or give up or give in to bullshit advice. You don't have to wait for anyone's stamp of approval.  You can take control of your own publishing journey.  

Genova states, "Ten months before it found a home with Pocket Books, iUniverse made Still Alice a "real" book in the real world. I think the attention and readership the book was able to attain as a self published title only added to its value when Pocket Books and other houses were considering its acquisition. Still Alice would not be on the New York Times Bestseller List today if I had not first self published it with iUniverse. It might just be sitting in a drawer instead."

Self-publish! (I did and will do it again soon.)

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