Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Danielle Laporte The Desire Map Licensing Program

The Desire Map is a tool for holistic living.  It puts your core desired feelings at the heart of your goal setting and life planning.

40,000 copies shipped within the first month. 500+ book clubs formed internationally. The Facebook group hit 20,000 and the stories started to roll in… Stories of quitting jobs, dumping the chump, starting businesses (or closing them down). Stories of soul relief and soul energy. Real life transformation.
And then there were the requests from service-driven types eager to teach and share this work. “My clients need this! My church group would love this!” We let enthusiasm lead the way and turned The Desire Map book into a workshop curriculum anyone can license and teach:

Think: (soulful) workshop-in-a-box.  When you get there, click on SHOP to learn more.


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