Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Frosted Sheep and The Visual Historian

October is ending fresh and frosted.
The last few months I have been so fortunate
to be incredibly scheduled doing portraits and client work.
I always say that I 'just' live life and photograph it
and now I've come to another realization.
My photography is essentially an ongoing folder
of life; I am documenting families, businesses and landscapes.
I am a 'Visual Historian'.

I hope that some day in the far, far off future
People will learn about life now
by viewing and studying my photographs.

I am so very grateful for Clients who gave me the space
and creative freedom to do the work
as an Artist

If my photography ever becomes
like an assignment void of art soul
I am afraid I would have to hang up my cameras.

I do believe that the people who have asked
me to join them with my camera
have understood immediately that the best
artistic images come alive
when the Artist is given the complete freedom
to create.

I have new ideas forming
and my art career is becoming much more clear

Through time and experiences we all learn
by narrowing our world back and out
the thing we are really, really good at
and the thing we feel compelled to create

I communicate with 
my camera
and words
I feel happy these days.

Happy too that my blog again surpassed
readership - the best ever - for 
October 2014.

Thank You Dear Friend

(I've come a long way since October 28, 1992)

Patti Friday, Photojourno, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'. Reading. Listening. Learning. Improving. Hanging out with successful people. Photographer. Pirate. Bubby. CANADA @pattifriday

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