Monday, October 6, 2014

Farmer's Market Shopping Bags

The sounds of the market are captivating. Alive. Fresh. You sense the mind's drool of fellow shoppers imagining how they are going to rub, chop, toss and chew the food they are buying. Which spice will they use?  Salt. Pepper. Peppers.

If feels good to gather your produce and local food in the crowded aisles; lugging the load in and around the well intention-ed foodies. The buzz of a cultural mosaic. Ethnic signage, pride and tasty offerings.  Between the shouts and shuffling casual shoes you can hear busker songs. Shouldn't they be best selling Artists?  So good!

About the lugging.

Is it or is it not cool to have stylish farmer's market shopping bags?  Will the use of the vendors' plastic bags be considered taboo or should we request waxed butcher paper sealed with baker's twine - even soggy tape or recycled paper bags instead.

If eating within that 100 mile diameter is good for us, the species and planet, then toting our made in Asia fashion-patterned market bags could be considered a culinary and environmental crime.  Sure they look chic-hip-cool, but shouldn't we consider growing our own cotton on narrow boulevards, making a bolt of rawness and hand stitching our own bag (by candlelight)?

Perhaps hiring market tote by-law officers to ticket offenders is one solution or shall we continue to sport our prized greens, fruit and organic flesh in vogue?

If you are not afraid of those officers and have no guilt shopping online and receiving products from abroad, then perhaps you would like a few of my designs. Here.

Here's what we bought. 

Patti Friday, Photojourno, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'. Reading. Listening. Learning. Improving. Hanging out with successful people. Photographer. Pirate. Bubby. CANADA @pattifriday

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