Monday, September 1, 2014

How to accent your home with trend colours

(NC) Do you worry about integrating some of the modern interior design trends into your home without the advice of a professional? While the use of bold and darker colours is becoming more prevalent in home décor, the question remains, how does one use these trends to create an inviting space, without making a colourful mistake?
The answer is simple, always remember to keep the whole colour scheme in mind as you play with the contrasts of the room. Mixing neutral tones is an effective way to play with bold hues and integrate them without overpowering the desired look and feel. When approaching a largely neutral, beige, or white room, choose one wall that will take a pop of colour favourably.
“The key is to identify which wall in the room demands the least amount of attention as this creates a desirable canvas for adding colour accents,” says Garry Belfall, senior brand manager at Para Paints. “In a bedroom, the wall behind the bed is a great place to contrast the room and accentuate the headboard. We have seen designers using bold colours like the dark vivid teal of our Tahitian Pearl and mixing it with orange and mango shades of Roar and Bird of Paradise, anchored in serene neutrals like our High Tea. Pops of bold colour are definitely in.” Para, by the way, turns 100 next year, making it Canada's oldest paint company.
When choosing a bold colour, also consider the pieces that will accompany the wall, for example picture frames, bookcases and lighting fixtures. “If the décor pieces have a bronze or gold hue, try a deep blue accent wall which will highlight and allow the accessories to become focal points in the room,” suggests Belfall.
In addition to painting walls, many people are bringing in hints of colour through painting chairs, lighting fixtures and molding. Also, adding small touches such as painting the trim in a green or brown will accentuate flooring and windows and thereby make walls look cleaner and brighter. Belfall suggests the rich dark brown of Para's Zebrawood from their 2014 colour trend palette.
Choosing the right colour is always a challenge, but with careful consideration and a little help on coordination, anyone can achieve the results of a professional decorator.
The best insider tip: become familiar with the colour swatches by playing with the different tones, and that includes watching their reaction to the light in the room at various times of the day.

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