Monday, August 4, 2014

8 Reasons to Practice Transcendental Meditation and Meditation Rooms

I have started to meditate.
I've talked about it before, but now
I am doing it. Really.
I've used Durga and a specific mantra to calm me for about 5 years now
I am learning more and realizing that this ain't no 
This TM is really mainstream

It is a simple, natural, effortless procedure 
practiced 20 minutes twice each day 
while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. 
or lifestyle. 
It’s the most widely practiced, 
most researched, 
and most effective method of self-development.

I wish they had this on every schedule 
in every school
and every office
David Lynch is doing something about it.
(Read his message here)
Howard Stern
Jerry Seinfeld
Jennifer Anniston....
Paul McCartney
Ringo Starr

Meditation can be done anywhere, but 
Do you meditate?
If you don't
here are 8 reasons why you should.

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