Monday, June 2, 2014

Chance Favors Those In Motion

Just wanted to say 'hello' to you today
Letting you know I'm feeling better now that it is June
May was hard. I wasn't too healthy. Just a 'bug'.

I've had a lot of time to think.
I watched many videos over the last 30 days.
My favorite was this one. (see below)

I learned this from Zoe Pawlak.

"Chance favors those in motion." - James H. Austin

She explained it....

"...and what it means to me is that the more you're 
doing the things that you're excited about,
the more you're going to be called to positions of influence
and get to do more of what you love." - Zoe Pawlak

Keep doing the things you're excited about
Keep doing the things you're excited about!

(For those who may be disappointed that I don't want to
do certain's because I'm not excited about it.)

Love You!

P.S. My shops are open!

PechaKucha - Volume 30, Zoe Pawlak from Cause+Affect on Vimeo.

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