Monday, September 16, 2013

Majda, Ein Rafa + Anthony Bourdain

Haven't had my coffee yet so forgive my raw opinions. (When I first wake up I have these fresh thoughts!) I adore Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. (CNN) and the premiere was no exception. When I watch it I feel exhilarated; fed. Nourished. But last night for the Season 2 'Jerusalem', I fell into my bed feeling 'stonewalled' about religion and politics. My stomach was nauseous and empty. The highlight of the episode was Anthony's viist to Majda - a heavenly restaurant in the hills of Ein Rafa - owned by a Muslim Husband, Jewish Wife team. Now there's a place in an Israeli-Arab village that 'gets it'! I am so very exhausted hearing people say 'It is so complex in the Middle East.' Well you know what? Life is complex on everyone else's soil too, but we manage to live (relatively) respectfully in harmony. Which generation is going to stop the madness? Peace, Love, all that Hippie Shit and Good Morning.

I want to go there! Want to join me? Have a look.

'Stunning antipasti and Mediterranean meze served from the ground floor of the home of Michal and Yaakov. Michal works her magic in the kitchen, her husband is the most welcoming host and, together, they have made something very special. The fresh and seasonal menu changes daily; I'm still dreaming about the sardines in fresh tomato sauce and wild lettuce stuffed with spiced ground meat. A haven from the bustle of the city, the restaurant is located in a small village called Ein Rafa, up in the Judean Hills. Take the Highway 1 from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and exit at Ein Rafa. Follow signs to the village where you will see red-lettered signs directing you to the restaurant. You might need to ask if you get lost as the signs are in Hebrew.'

Majda, Ein Rafa, Jerusalem, Israel (00 972 2 579 7108)

****Here are some of their recipes

Patti Friday, Photojourno, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'.

Wonderful photographs by Ronen T. 

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