Saturday, June 29, 2013

Vicki's Veggies and the Extraordinary Honor System

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It's true. Goodness in our world; simple and sweetly nostalgic, still exists. I do believe that 99% of all people are good and Vicki's Veggies reinforced this belief that I carry with me wherever I venture.  

On the most lush, green & curvy country road. Canopies of tree limbs guided our car towards this quaint location. Almost hidden from the world. Perhaps the best kept secret. 

Vicki's Veggies is a small family farm working towards a sustainable future in agriculture in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. Their mission is to provide food that stimulates the senses, nourishes the body and soul.  Stirs conversation and help bring small farms back on to the landscape and into the routine of children and local economies. It is rooted in the traditions of a small family farm.  Vicki Emlaw produces a surprising variety of ecologically grown vegetables to supply food for local markets.  Many rare and heirloom seeds are used to grow vegetables that provide unique experiences for homes and restaurants and help to preserve biodiversity within the agri-food system. 

Editor's Notes:

1. When you arrive you will feel as though you have arrived on a movie set. Fascinating.

2. There is no cashier. It's the honor system! 

3. Feel free to relax inside on rustic furnishings and read the pamphlets and books left for you to enjoy.

4. My favorite places in the county. 1. Agrarian Cheese Market 2. Keint-he Winery 3. Vicki's Veggies 

Vicki's Veggies:  Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

Click here for map:  81 Morrison Point Rd.

Market vegetables. Specializing in over 100 varieties of heirloom tomatoes.

Patti Friday, Photojourno, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'.

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