Saturday, March 2, 2013

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Give Me Air brings a fresh collection of art, literature, humor, music, and photography to the table each day. They also scour the best of the Web for cool happenings, people, and ideas, so you don’t get lost in likes, shares, diggs, stumbles, pins, and plus ones, because you’re way too busy for that. Stick with them, compadre. They’ve got your back. (Thank you to Give Me Air for 'featuring' the Embassy of Ideas this week!...blushing - truly humbled.)

your baristas:


ART: Sally Whitman Coleman

Sally Whitman Coleman is an art historian with a mission to make art accessible to everyone. She taught at universities in central Texas for fifteen years before she decided to take her show to the Internet and reach loads of people. She loves her coffee, but gave up the caffeine, sugar, and fat in middle age so her cuppa is a decaf skinny latte with one Splenda — everything fake. Visit Sally at

LIT: Kristin Bair O’Keeffe

Kristin Bair O’Keeffe is an author, speaker, writing instructor, and cultural spelunker who loves to wander, wonder, and write about it. After a nearly 5-year stint in China, she’s once again hunkered down in the U.S., simultaneously writing and longing for delicious xiao long bao. Whether the bean or leaf, her bipartisan cuppa demands two things: smooth and strong. Visit Kristin at

HUMOR: Jennifer Karin

Jennifer Karin, aka Zen Mother, is the creator of Give Me Air, and an award-winning humor columnist and author. She thinks life is a laugh riot, even when a hockey puck hits her in the head. (That explains so much.) How does she take her cuppa? Earl Grey tea with steamed milk, thank you very much, hold the whoopee cushion. Visit Jennifer at

MUSIC: Nancy Davis Kho

Nancy Davis Kho is still waiting for a signal from the Universe that she’s too old for new music. So far, bupkus. She blogs about the intersection between music and midlife at Midlife Mixtape, and her writing has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Skirt! Magazine, Bitch Magazine, Whole Life Times, and Hippocampus. She was as proud of her children’s’ first concerts as she was of their first steps. She takes her cuppa black, but only Peet’s, Fair-Trade Roasted.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Meg Manion Silliker

Meg Manion Silliker is the managing editor of Give Me Air and a lifestyle photographer who adores her young daughter, and once fancied herself as a set designer on Broadway. That didn’t happen but stacks of designer books and Carly Simon set all things right in the world, along with the perfect light. How does she take her cuppa? French press with a touch of cream. Visit Meg at

Give Me Air is currently accepting submissions. Got a refreshing website or blog to share? Email the link to our baristas at

Patti Friday, Photojourno, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'.


meg manion silliker said...

thanks for chatting about us patti!! we are happy to have you part of our virtual cafe!!

Jan said...

Respect due Patti.
Yep I'm still here.

Patti Friday said...

So cool Meg! I am smiling still.

Patti Friday said...

I miss you. Come back.

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