Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2013 Blogging

I sit here dreaming of a studio space inside the Embassy of Ideas; a multi-purpose room really, where 'Cultural Creatives' could share vegetable soup or a communal potluck and a chilled bottle of Canadian beer or wine.  Special events, pop-ups, exhibitions. Kidnap breakfasts. A closet of props and a wall of photography equipment. The ultimate toolbox for an Editor.

There by the bank of windows, a standing desk with fresh flowers every Friday. Up, up, up off the chair for me in 2013!

After 5.5 years here on my blog, I have realized quite clearly that I still love the freedom of blogging - writing about many different topics. A range of arts and culture, current events, design - even on my journey of a plant-based lifestyle.  Early on I gave myself permission to post about anything I wanted each day so I could be unchained by a niche.  Some may poo-poo frown upon this, but initially I was naive and thought I could be someone like Nora Ephron with a camera. (She was and is my hero) It remains a buffet and I thank you for visiting often. 

When I began to ponder my goals and focus for the new year in early December I posted this as my Facebook status:

'If you go to the pantry of your creativity you'll see what ingredients you have and what you can make. For some people it takes a long time to find the pantry.'

Don't be shy to share your list of talents once you discover them.  We need everyone to live on purpose. It is not arrogance or bragging! (We all have weaknesses. So what! Let's build on our strengths)  

Here are a few things I am good at:

1. Publicity. I know how to promote the shit out of something or someone. 
(I can only take on 3 more clients in 2013, so please have your people call my people quick!)

2. Photography. I may not own the biggest beast, but my little monster works quite well.

3. Writing. I love words and people seem to like my words too. (I also publish a 'very' local blog for my hometown. Have you read it before?)

4. Art. I have been creating art my entire life. (I design apparel. Did you know?)

5. Ideas.  I have many ideas and I don't allow anyone to tell me they are 'worthless without action'. Ideas are like gold. 

An old, dear friend gave me some feedback last night. He said among other things, '......intelligent, interesting, engaging, shy, happy, designer, idea purveyor-facilitator, photographer, artist, writer can't decide if one word describes what I think you do....I think you have created a network of people, an idea exchange that seems to feed many different purposes for many different people.....and you seem to enjoy the hell out of it!' (Thank God for friends)

You see, the challenge I have imposed on myself is to distill it all down to my core essence and find one title. A descriptive word. But I can't. I am a few things.

Publicist. Photographer. Author. Editor. Creative-Ambassador-At-Large. Photojourno.

Photographer + Blogger = Cultural Producer. (Who loves Pirates, The Statue of Liberty and cake.)

But mostly. An Editor (who excels at publicity, photography, writing and ideas)

Get my drift?

So here's to another New Year!  I wish you success. I wish you health, happiness and peace. 

I wish you love.


Editor, Embassy of Ideas

P.S. I found the pantry.

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