Friday, May 25, 2012


I forget who said, 'Treat your body like a temple'.  It makes perfect sense to me now. We had a family discussion the other night round the dinner table about the most important thing to a country; which department.  Is it the economy? Education? Defense?  Environment? The Arts? Health? (and many more)  What should be the absolute top priority for a government? 

(Look how many departments and agencies my country has)

Morning Face: Splashes of cool water, fruit enzyme peel, nutri-hydrating mist + nutri-c moisture cream. Ah. Adore this.

Hydration: Tea

Nourishment: Large orange

Motion:  20 minute walk and this new vid - 10 minutes of Pilates sculpting.

e-Motion:  Moments with my inspiration wall (maybe I'll show you some day) and thoughts of diligence.

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