Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Fembot Rebellion

Notice them? The plastic-faced women. They all have the same post-surgical faces. They scare me. We have become uber-obsessed with youth; so much so that we are willing to tamper with nature and our unique beauty DNA.  We have got to stand up and announce to society and the media and to Hollywood. Enough! We are human. We age. And we are still beautiful.  Practising extreme self care, superior skin care, de-stressing, loving - staying out of the sun for too long - hugging....Dreaming, living, believing...these are all ingredients of everlasting beauty.  Please take a few moments to watch this. You just might have something to say after. (at 4 minutes it gets really really cool!) We are listening!  PFXO

More on this topic with Irene Turner here.


Jan said...

If this is a trend - let's hope it lasts.
Youth is wasted on the young.

Patti Friday said...

Yes Sweet Jan! It is wasted! :)

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