Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Embassy of Ideas 2012 Planner

Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me.  Twice on the pipe - ting ting - if you're delivering me my new 'Embassy of Ideas' day planner. (that I designed featuring some of my original art) Yeah! It arrived in a special package today via special delivery and I love it! I know many people use their smart phones and calendar programs online, but I still love to hand write or print in my schedule. I love to tick off the 'completed' and review the 'to do's' each night and every morning. I adore the process of planning and dreaming;  declaring personal objectives and executing strategies.  I have used a day planner for over 30 years. I highly recco it. Call me old fashioned! I don't mind. Time to get organized! 

"The 'Embassy' is my place of creativity. Where sparks fly and various moods reveal thinking-doing-feeling-making-taking things.  It's my studio in the world.  To me, this 'Embassy' looks like old money; historical Granite Club like - deep, rich banisters and wide staircases and soft sounds.  I welcome all of you to enter this club.  The rooms have big windows with many panes and dancing sun kisses and familiar moon beams.  I think you'd love it here. If you can't find me, I'll be in 'The Art Department'. Don't knock, just come right in and stay awhile." -PFXO

Peace Love Create Art 
Patti xo 

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Jan said...

It's lovely - really.
I do use a small diary and notebooks
and they're a mess!
Yours is far too nice to write in
(by me anyway)

Patti Friday said...

Jan! I love it by the end of the year and it's all messed up and dog-eared! Hugs!

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