Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top Hairstyles 2012

Hairpedia! Bet your last follicle you didn't know a 'pedia' existed for hair did you?  Well I've done some back-combing through the internet (in between my sneezing and coughing....excuse me) and here is the 911 on our locks for 'twenty twelve': (Oh! By the way, this darling 'hair head' was in a make-shift salon by a waterfall in Jamaica...with an aggressive owner. She really, really, really wanted to braid my hair.)

A) Glistening Hair

B) Ponytails A Plenty

C) The Urban Wave

D) Embellished Up-dos

E) Bigger Blowouts (Love!!!!)

F) Sophisticated Braids and Twists

See them all here!

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