Sunday, January 15, 2012

Top 10 Design Trends (Newly Revised)

Revised to represent the wise and studied mind of a Canadian 'Creative'; namely me. (wink) I have been scouring the new Jan mags - on and offline - and reading all about the twenty-twelve trends, colours, predictions, paint chips and styles.  Who makes these up anyway? So for your edutainment enjoyment, I've compiled my own validated Top 10 Design Trends list. And they are.....

1. Juicy Simple Folk. 

Wall Art will move in 3 directions. Colour saturated and juicy abstract art,  simple and breath taking photographs and primitive, country-inspired folk pieces. (Shameless promotion here)

2. Mod Trad Tech.  

We will dress and soften our tech toys. Covers for iPods, iPads, smart phones and laptops will move away from contemporary graphics to patterns based on historical and antique furniture, fabrics and wallpaper. (Shameless promotion here)

3. Trays Trays Everywhere.

The masses are trying to get us all to edit; ever fearful, God forbid, that we are becoming or are hoarders. Trays solve 2 issues. A place to keep our coveted collections; organized and displayed beautifully.

4. Painted Floors and Stencilled Walls.

A la Peacock Pavilions and Royal Designs.I first spotted this trend on the Nate Berkus show but is marries well with the move towards primitive-country-folk. Affordable too and easily changed every few years. It's just paint!

5. Backstage Chic.

Commercial retail quality rolling racks will replace walk-in closets and rooms. 

6. Slouchy Sofas. 

Big comfy couches in every colour of denim. Squishy, huggy, oversized and cozy. Jump in. 

7. Gaming Rooms. 

Move over home theatre. Gaming Rooms are here to stay. (gaming is a bigger industry than films now.)

8. Foodie Butler Pantry. 

A expansive room just for spices and all the ingredients Punchfork demands.

9. Domestic Arts Rooms. 

For all your crafting desires and pastimes. 

10. Rule of 4 Outdoors. 

You will find 4 things outside in the garden. 1. Buffet table 2. Communal table 3. Oversized island 4. Rain barrels. All 4 will be in vogue.

Peace Love Create Art 
Patti xo 

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Anonymous said...

Love it!!!

Patti Friday said...

Ah Claire! You've got some hot trends 'you have created' too! Your work, your style, your lifestyle! Amazing!

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