Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Love and Support Paula Deen

Foodie Snobs! Arrogant uneducated naysayers! Lobsters!  Y'all need to leave Paula Deen alone!  Don't blame her for the Diabetes epidemic!

My life is filled with loved ones with Diabetes! I have lived it. (although I personally do not have it) I am utterly shocked that people are turning on her. (just because she got an endorsement deal from a pharma giant...who flipping cares? - good for her...let her do her magic and she will do really great things for people with Diabetes everywhere!) Free enterprise allows those who want to make these them. Get over it people! I support and love Paula Deen.

Photo: Chia Chong

Destiny handed her Diabetes for a make a difference...perhaps. That would be the silver lining right?

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(Her son has a new show re-creating lighter Mama meals. Check it out here.)

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