Saturday, January 21, 2012

Granville Millinery Company

Amy Hamilton owns one of my paintings!  Oprah describes her as "...a milliner who could make even the most hat-phobic woman feel at home in a snappy beret or a stylish cloche. Perhaps it's because the hats she creates are so classic that they almost beg to be cast in an Audrey Hepburn movie."  The story of how Amy came to purchase the hat painting (shown on my summer mantel) is here.

Fashion designer Amy Hamilton is particularly known for her hat designs and her midwest idealistic lifestyle. Hamilton was born and raised in Southern Vermont, in the village of Okemo Mountain and graduated from Ohio's Columbus College of Art and Design.  While attending CCAD, she was inspired to design a line of hats that marked the beginning of her lifelong passion for hat design.  Her designs have been described as "so classic that they almost beg to be cast in an Audrey Hepburn movie."

In 2000 she founded the Granville Millinery Company and launched an e-commerce website selling an edited collection of hat designs and accessories; the online business became a huge success when her lifestyle story was featured in Victoria Magazine in 2002.  Shortly after, she moved her business into a renovated barn that's located on six acres of central Ohio farmland.  Oprah Winfrey states, "Amy Hamilton can attest that details always make the difference:  She turned her Ohio horse barn into a colorful showroom for her masterfully crafted hats."   

Husband, Paul Hamilton, a renowned landscape painter, occupies the couples other renovated barn on the property.  His studio has been featured on HGTV and Country Living Magazine.  In 2009 they began offering workshops out of their studios to share their knowledge and inspire others to follow their own dreams.  

(I love Amy's accessories! They are so so darling and pretty!)

In addition to running her own company, Hamilton is a freelance photo stylist for Amy Butler Design and teaches millinery design at the Columbus College of Art and Design.

See all of Amy's press here.

Amy's workshops here.


Karena said...

Patty a very exciting story about two fascinating women You and Amy!! Off to check the other links!


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Patti Friday said...

Hello Karena! Hope you twenty twelve is smokin' hot successful so far! Hugs!

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