Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Google Flu Trends

Achoooo! Didn't know the facts. Now I do. You can too! 

I've been sick. Yes, I hate to say it, utter it.....confess it, suggest it...for what you think about you bring about, but I truly have been ill. Since early December 2011.  I've tried all forms of extreme self-care. Water, chicken soup, sleep, aromatherapy, steaming, walking, fresh air, vapo-rub, vitamins, garlic, fever pills, hot lemon drinks, medicated syrups, ginger ale, herbal teas, good food, praying, meditating, positive thinking, working and anything else I can think of.  Now I'm into Airborne...and healing thoughts. Tastes like orange soda!

Here is a good map of Canada and Flu.

1 comment:

Jan said...

You are amazing.
Would never have guessed you've been sick.
You're always so creative.
Hope you're feeling better.

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