Monday, December 12, 2011

Raw Materials

I've been editing my life for almost 2 years now. I have gone from roomfuls of books and magazines and collectibles to very, very little. I now possess 3 books and a few key keepsakes.  I photographed everything I had owned before I gave it away - I then donated the rest.  Now, as the new year approaches, I have begun to think about my  plans for 2012.  I've decided that I will once again invest in actual, hard-copy magazines. I miss them. I miss the smell, the pages, the eye-candy, the fold, the feel. I want them back. I bought 2 yesterday. Both '12 issues of Style At Home Magazine and House Beautiful.  I've also been pondering the thousands upon thousands of photographs I have of mine on my external drives.  I have enough raw material to create in 'The Art Department' (located inside the 'Embassy of Ideas') for several months. Clearly I need to go back and re-visit these images and I made the stand - no more new images by me for a while. I will use the raw materials. I will give the world my best or my best. Some fine art originals, some books, some prints...and well, who knows! Fingers crossed and feeling inspiration promises. I am looking forward to it and I hope you are too! PFXO


Jan said...

Giving up hard copies is hard.
Oh and at least you have a plan Patti.
Looking forward - yes to that.

Patti Friday said...

Jan My Dear Friend! Let's rock 2012!

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