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The Liberty Interview: Thoroski and Kid Zolt

The Liberty Interview:  Thoroski and Kid Zolt

Rapping is known as emceeing, Mcing, spitting (bars), or just rhyming - spoken or chanted rhyming lyrics. Rap is big business.  Rap is part of our collective global culture. It's the poetry, authentic heartbeat of our streets, our youth, our societies. All streets; paved, gravel or dirt. Rap is contagious. And rap is a way for Creatives to express their souls.  Fans of rap can't get enough. 

In a place known for having the longest freshwater beach in the world; a town of only 16,000 people, there is a movement, a shift, an awakening of hope and music.  A chance to have two young guys catapult their talents to the big city lights of Toronto, New York and L.A. and the internet is playing a big part in this story.

In the past few weeks I was humbled to be asked to collab with these up and coming celebs to shoot some images for them/of them (one image is for the CD) in their 'beach-hood' and with their Cr3w. 

You may view some of the images here, here, here and here

Film Festival Video here. (Wasaga Beach Film Festival)  Details.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Thoroski and Kid Zolt:

Kid Zolt (left) - Thoroski (right) above

PF:  How did two kids from Wasaga Beach end up collaborating?

KZ: Well, we've been best buds pre much our whole life time and we started doing music related things in public school and went from there.

T: We have known each other forever. (haha) We go way back to pre school days and we have played hockey together for many years. Gone to the same schools and yeah, basically we're childhood friends that have grown up together.

PF:  What do you think your hometown thinks of what you are doing?

KZ: Um well a lot of people in my hometown support the movement and some don’t so the ones that are, think and believe in us to make it.

T: I think, a lot of people feel good about what were doing and think we're actually trying to do something and follow our dreams,.

PF:  Have you had any local support?

KZ: Local people support us on youtube with comments and what not.

T: Yeah at our schools for talent shows we have had a fair amount of support.

PF:  Do you feel ‘The Beach’ will continue to be part of your music even when you leave here to perform globally?

KZ: Most definitely.

T: For sure, the people who truly believe and support will be there until the day we die. (haha)

PF:  Who is White Boyz?

KZ: aha well its just our youtube channel name for now, not to sure on that name but its still the OG account.

T: It is Kid Zolt (Colton Mclauchlan) & I. 

PF:  How has social media affected your publicity?

KZ: Well if people post our songs on Facebook or Twitter everyone sees it so it contributes to a lot of our fans.

T: It has affected it greatly, it gets it right out there for everybody to see.

PF:  Do you Tweet and how can people follow you?

KZ: Yeah I actually just started a few weeks ago, Follow me @Kidzolt :) 

T: Oh buddy, (haha) I tweet all day. I admit I'm addicted. But people can follow me @ThoroskiWB. I post tweets and pics quite often, its fun stuff.

 PF:  Do you Facebook and how can people ‘friend’ you?

T: Yes i do. Ive been on Facebook for a while now. And people can find me just by typing in Chris Thoroski. You'll see me, no way you can mistake me.

PF:  How about blogging or myspace?

KZ: Nada.

T: I have myspace. I used to use it, some what. (haha) Never was too big on it but i should get back into it. Everybody says its one of the best sites if you're an artist. But blogging, barely. I have a Tumblr account that I barley I should get into that as well. It helps to have as much going as possible and to be exposed every where.

PF:  Of course, I’ve enjoyed your YouTube channel.  Tell us about this venue and how it has impacted your journey?

KZ: Well right now we have a small variety of songs uploaded but within the next month or 2 there will be a lot more songs/videos being uploaded due to our mixtape.

PF:  What is your YouTube address?

T: Our channel name is WhiteBoyzOfficiall

PF:  Who creates the beats and where to you create them?

KZ: I've produced a few songs with Thoroski,  a lot of his other songs are produced by professionals and I'm just getting started but in future most tracks will be original all created from us.  

T: Kid Zolt. and he does them up at his house and very often he'll come over and we'll put some work in at my place.

PF: What inspires you to create these beats?  How did you learn to do it?

KZ: Seeing other Producers and their lifestyle just makes me want to be able to do everything they do and become a good enough producer for them to know me and respect what I'm doing. Well I read a lot and watched quite a few videos to get me knowing at least what I'm doing and now I just work on all the little things to make my productions that much better.

PF:  Who writes the lyrics and where do you write them?

T: Zolt may pitch some ideas and help me. But mainly I write them all.

PF:  What inspires you to write the words?  How did you learn to do it?

T: I find it's the best possible way to let my feelings out. But everything in this world inspires me and gives me motivation to write. I didn't "learn" it either it's all been self taught so far.

PF:  Who inspires you?

T: Everybody inspires me, everybody's got a story to tell. Every single person whom I interact with through my day. People who I see at school, at lunch, out shopping. My family. And my friends. Literally every single person in this world inspires me. As corny as that sounds (haha) Its true.

PF:  What equipment are you using?

KZ: Native Instruments Maschine, Dr dre beats pro, using PC but upgrading to Mac soon, Bose speakers, Midi keyboard.

T: Currently I'm just using a Mac desktop with Garage Band and for recording I have a C-1 Condenser microphone. After Christmas I'm upgrading all my software tho and hopefully some hardware.

PF:  What equipment do you dream of owning?

KZ: I just dream of owning all the top of the line software I'm going to need to make professional music.

PF:  What investment would be needed to set up the studio of your dreams?

KZ: Uh the Studio of my dreams would probably cost around 15k a rough estimate(depending on how big my limit is).

T: I'm not even sure. Probably quite a bit, around a fifty thousand maybe? Maybe more actually. Legit Studio's are pretty damn expensive as far as i know.

PF:  Are you looking for investors to help you?

KZ: Uhm not really we just wanna get the movement going good and create a fan base n hopefully been seen by labels or even get asked to open for big Artists and go from there.

PF:  What about live performance?  Have you performed and do you have any upcoming dates?

KZ: We have a had a few little performances, but no big shows *YET*

PF:  Tell us about the creation process of your YouTube channel.

KZ: Well theres mostly old stuff on there currently but in like a couple weeks our mixtape is dropping and we will have alot more videos flowing and hopefully start a good fan base soon time :)

PF:  What equipment do you use to film your videos?

KZ: We use a Nikon camera for now.

T: At the moment Zolt or I dont have any really professional or expensive filming equipment. We just use his Mom's camera. (haha) Its actually pretty good and gets the job done. Soon though were hoping to get our own high quality camera.

PF:  Have you participated in any video contests or festivals?

KZ: We have entered one but nothing too big.

PF:  What do your friends think about what you two are doing?

KZ: Our friends think its really cool what we do and they love it so it kinda encourages us to keep doing it.

PF:  How about your parents and family?

KZ: My parents think its cool and they show my family and they all like it too.

PF:  Why rap?

KZ: Its the genre that I love and which I'm most interested in.

PF:  Who are your favorite Rappers?

KZ: AZ, NaS, 2Pac, Kanye West, Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa

T: Wow. I have so many. I honestly listen to a shit load of rap and hip-hip. Underground or mainstream. But my all time favorite are most likely Tupac, I listend to him back in grade four. Right when I first took a liking to music. Uhh Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y. Kid Cudi. And thats it. (haha) Those ones inspire me the most.

PF:  Do you feel rap is here to stay?

KZ: Yeah for sure.

T: Oh yeah, rap has been here for a long time. Not necessarily in the modern day form as "rap" but if you think about it you will know what I mean.

PF:  How do you feel the Internet has changed the music industry?

KZ: The Internet has changed the music industry by being able to get your music out to the world a lot easier and quicker.

T: I feel the Internet has revolutionized the music industry immensely. It has completely changed the way people sell and market their product. Products actually, merchandise, songs, videos etc. Its a great thing for music I think. Especially upcoming artists.

PF:  Are you collaborating with any other people?

KZ: Uhm a couple guys will feature on some songs but I'm not collaborating with any producers really.

T: Yeah, actually for the mixtape coming up , we will be collaborating with an artist from Barrie named B-Pell (Bobby Pell), he's wicked at what he does. And also a dude from New Jersey, I met him on youtube and he's got a real smooth clean style. That's about it, in the future though expect many collabs.

PF:  How often do you write and what time of day do you write?

T: I write every single day. I love it (haha) In the morning on the bus, all through my classes at school to just sitting at home on the computer. All the time. And if I'm not writing I'm usually at my buddies place freestyling or something. Ya know. I'd say its my favorite thing to do, by far.

PF:  Is everything you do original?

KZ: We have original songs and Thoroski has songs over all different instrumentals that aren't created by me so not everything is original yet.

T: Yes. Everything i do is one hundred percent Chris Thoroski. If its one thing i struggle with the least. In my whole life, it would have to be staying true to who i am. Its so easy for me to just speak how i feel and be myself around anybody. Especially within my music too. 

PF:  You have something really big happening on New Year’s Eve. Tell us about it.

*****MIXTAPE WILL DROP on January 10, 2012*****

KZ: New Years is when our first Mixtape is dropping and it will hopefully be 
a pretty good one! Thee name is "Day-to-day No Regrets" :)

T: Your right (haha) Well for the past three or four months, id say. Me and Zolt have been working hard on a mixtape. It has around seventeen songs on it and he actually produced 9 instrumentals for it. So that's great for him. But, on New Years Eve this year it is being released. Its called Day to Day: No Regrets. So yeah, its our first mixtape and shall be an exciting night.

PF:  How and where can people buy your music?

KZ: Its free online but will most likely be for sale in the future.

T: At the moment i do not have anything set up online where my songs can be purchased but after the mixtape release, depending on how it goes, ill get one rolling. (haha) But in the mean time if anybody wants to purchase them, not online, can just message me on FaceBook.

PF:  Do you have anyone local selling your CD’s?

KZ: Were gunna sell our mixtape for whoever wants the actual copy but other than that its free on youtube and wherever we upload it.

PF:  Would you welcome local media to contact you for interviews? How should they contact you?

KZ: Yes for sure, they can contact us on twitter,facebook,youtube, Hotmail.

T: For sure, i welcome any media to contact us for interviews. Either on Facebook or Twitter would probably be the best way of getting a hold of us.

PF:  Are you running a fan contest right now?  If so, what is it?

KZ: Nope.

PF:  Who would be your dream Collaborator?

KZ: I would probably want to collaborate with like Big Jerm and create a beat with him and then get like Wiz,Curren$y and Thoroski on the verses LOL!

T: It would have to be Wiz Khalifa or Curren$y. Being on the same record as them would not just be amazing but just kicking it with them and chilling. It would be unreal.

PF:  Who would be your dream Producer?

T: My dream producer. Ah, it would probably have to be Kanye West. He produces some real good work.

PF:  What is the ‘Big Goal’? Where are you two taking this?

KZ: The Big Goal is to be touring this planet making/performing music

T: The big goal i would say would probably to be signed to a label. Once we get there then its like yeah this is completely legit. But i know when you get there its not a walk in the park from there on in, there's still so much work to keep it up. Just performing shows too, actually having fans come to see us perform. But this is more than just music, its going a lot farther then most people can expect. And only a few people will truly, know what i mean.

PF:  How important is an education?

KZ: Education is very important, "Its not good to be stupid" - Wiz Khalifa

T: An education is very important. I don't believe it is the only route though. For example after high school i want to work and travel. Id make music on the road, of course but you can learn whenever. There's no rush. But you know what they say : learn forever, live forever.

PF: Do you have any ‘Merch’?  Where can people buy it?

KZ: Not yet in the future we will for sure.

T: Not at the moment but shortly we will for sure.

PF:  Some critics would say rap is misogynistic. What do you say to that?

KZ: I say they can hate all they want, usually people who criticize rap either have listen to the wrong Artist or they're jealous its taken things over.

T: I say that, critics will always have something to say. (haha) Although that is partly true. Clearly there is some rap music that is pretty disrespectful towards women. That's true, but a large majority of it is not. Not just with rap/hip hop music but with anything, it is very easy to see the negative in it. It stands out to most people. But people who disagree can go check out many artists and actually listen to the lyrics. And even look into the background of the person. Saying "rap is misogynistic" is a huge stereotype in my mind.

PF:  What other genres of music influences you?

KZ: R&B , Pop , Classical.

T: Honestly, every type of genre influences me. (haha) I mean, not screamo or certain types of techno but most of it usually does. I myself am really diverse with the types of music i listen to. Frankly i don't care what genre it is, as long as its telling a story and being true keep the beats blasting. (haha)

PF:  How do you describe your genre? Hip Hop?  Alternative?   Old School?

KZ: Rap Entertaintment id say aha.

T: If i had to describe my genre i would say hip-hop but in ways a more  soul/fresh style of it. Really though i consider myself to have my own unique style as well.

PF:  How far do you want to take this?

KZ: As far as we can take it and get!!

T: Farther then anybody else has ever taken it.

PF:  If you were given the chance to put together a team to surround and support you, who would they be and what would they do?  (example: Lawyer, Accountant, Body Guards etc.)

KZ: Body Guards would be the toughest guys in the Cr3w most likely, our accountant would be Deran Fehr and he would handle all the money and be the bank guy aha, I cant think of any other jobs right now but I'm sure there will be some.

PF:  What is the overall message in your music?

T: The overall message in my music is mainly do what you want in your life and follow your dreams. A lot of people struggle doing that i feel and if everybody was doing what they truly wanted to do everyday than this world would be a better place. Music brings everybody together i think. We all have dreams and have feelings, right? But everybody just easily and clearly realizes how different we are but they sadly don't see how much we are really alike. We all share similarities, doesn't matter what walk of life you come from. We all need to see know that. And yea, basically over time i want people to see that with my music that i make.

PF:  Who does your branding and marketing?

T: Nobody at moment, since our this is our first actual mixtape coming out on new years, were just getting into that field now. So if anybody out there is interested, get at us!

PF:  Coffee or Tea?

KZ: Coffee

T: A lil bit of both, sometimes i need to waken up. In the morning or when I need to stay up late and finish some recording. Then again sometimes I want to mellow out and Tea is just perfect that. Green tea.

PF:  Favorite Food?

KZ: Mandarin?

T: Chips & Dip. Preferably Dill pickle. I have to cut that out though unfortunately, got to get back in shape.

PF:  Zodiac Signs?

KZ: Cancer

T: Capricorn? (haha) Horoscopes are awesome.

PF:  How old are you?

KZ: 15

T: At the moment I'm 15. Dec. 23rd actually.Yes I'm a Christmas baby. (Haha)

PF:  How would you describe your fashion style?


T: I'd call my fashion as free. I'm not one to go out and purchase a brand new $200 sweater. Unless its for Christmas. (haha) but i just basically wear what my parents buy me, im not very picky. And i could care less about spending money on clothes at the moment. I'd rather spend it on something that will benefit me in the future. Such as equipment for recording, singing lessons etc.

PF:  What are your thoughts on your hometown Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada?

KZ: I love my Hometown and i couldn't of asked for a better town to grow up in.

T: My thoughts on Wasaga, ah. Where to start. Well first off in the winter its probably the most boring place. (haha) But in the summer its completely booming. Living here though is great. I couldnt of asked for a better place to be growing up in. The population isn't to large either, its a community where everybody is semi close and everybody knows eachother really. Over all the town of Wasaga Beach is a fun great place to grow up.

PF:  If you had the chance to invite 10 people over to have dinner with you, who would they be and why?

KZ: They would be all the best hip-hop legends that live today.

PF:  What is your success philosophy?

KZ: I just want to me known in the world as a good producer and to make A living N live the life.

T: I believe success is not glitter & gold. Its much more than that. Success is you achieving your personal goals and dreams. To me Success is also happiness. I think anything is possible, and when i say anything i mean anything! The sky is the limit and everybody can have success if they find something they love, they chase after it and then they live it.  

PF:  Please give us your important websites and special announcements!

KZ: SUBSCRIBE to our youtube channel and get all the latest songs and videos from us http://www.youtube.com/user/WhiteBoyzOfficiall?feature=mhe

Mixtape dropping December 31 STAY TUNED!

T: This New Years, on December 31st 2011 at 12:00 PM Kid Zolt and I will be realeasing our first mixtape. Titled Day to Day: No Regrets. It well be Free to Download. But if people would like a hardcopy than they just need to message either me or Kid Zolt. Also Follow me on Twitter @ThoroskiWB. I post many of my updates on there. Join the Thoroski Fan page on Facebook and keep an eye out for us in 2012

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