Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thanksgiving (?)

Perhaps we need to ask ourselves why we are celebrating 'Thanksgiving'.  In truth it is a holiday centered around the legend of Indians and Pilgrims be-friending each other with pioneer-like-facebooking-skills, picking corn and having a big supper at a long table.  What really happened was more like boat loads of aggressive immigrants landing on a shore and stealing peoples' property and way of life. 

Kelly Cutrone says it best in her book 'Normal Gets You Nowhere' - "...that every year hundreds of millions of Americans sit around and eat turkeys to celebrate the annihilation of entire race of people.......This is what we celebrate when we celebrate Thanksgiving.  In many schools we're still brainwashing our children with these lies. Can you imagine what the Indian kids must be thinking?  It would be like everyone in New York City having cake for Hitler's birthday!"

I couldn't agree more with Kelly.  (and you know I have issues with Christmas too)  So, every year from this year forward I will celebrate 'The Harvest' and be thankful for our freedom and land and ability to grow our own food.  I will be grateful for all my loved ones, near & far and family and opportunities - and my health and the bounty.  As Kelly says, "We don't need a fake historical event to justify this."

But truly, I am thankful for my loved ones, friends, country, health, blog readers, facebook friends, opportunities, freedom,  art, photography, writing, struggles & success, tweets, sweets and cake.   I don’t need anything else if I’ve got those things. 

May you have a wonderful HARVEST Weekend; my fellow Canadians. PFXO


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