Monday, October 3, 2011

The Prettiest Cake In The World

It is quite possible that if the  ISS – ‘internet secret service’ –  confiscated my hard drive (and my external hard drives), they would soon discover that I, Patti Friday, am the person on Earth who searches and views more ‘cake’ images than anyone else dead or alive.   I love cake.  Oddly enough though, I rarely eat cake.  (perhaps 10 times a year max…is that bad?….it’s so very hard for a cake addict to decipher what’s appropriate and what’s not…)  I just get hizzy-happy when I look for cakes and recipes. (even more now with my new lifestyle, Jollitude)
I do believe Ladies and Gentlemen, that we have our champion.  Bella’s Rose Cottage baked this cake to celebrate Pink Saturday’s 2nd Birthday. (Gypsy Purple even did a feature post on it!)  Do make some old-fashioned time to visit Bella’s blog.
Pink and Fluffy Icing….
A Ring of Pink Panda Strawberry Blooms..
Clusters of Tiny Cecile Brunner Roses,
and Wisps of Cat Mint.
A Pink Delight!
It is sheer romanticism.
The Prettiest Cake in The World, Grand Champion, Bella’s Rose Cottage.

Photo Credit: Bella's Rose Cottage
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