Sunday, October 2, 2011

Joni Webb of Cote De Texas


My Dear Fellow Blogger
may her memory be a blessing,
sent me this note one day
and it's one of the reasons
why I continue to publish here.
(We both started our blog in 2007)

"You amaze me.
I think you are one of the most 
interesting people in the world.
I mean that.
I love everything you write about. 
It is always something interesting
and usually something
I am interested in.
Your blog is like
a great daily newspaper column. 
Keep plugging at it." 
Joni Webb - Cote de Texas

Thank you Joni

Dear Joni,

To celebrate our 3rd year blogging, I painted an 8″x10″ gouache portrait (of you) for you.  I’ll mail it to you soon!

Love Patti xo

UPDATE:  It's been 4 years now!

Joni started Cote de Texas the same year I started my blog.  I have watched with great excitement – Joni’s ‘Blogebrity’ is huge!  Joni is the anchor of the decorating blog world.   And the sail, the wind and the exhilarating thrill of it all.  The Grande Dame of feature articles, interviewing and Top Ten’s.  She is also a partner of the talented The Skirted Roundtable radio podcast blog with Megan Arquette of Beach Bungalow 8 and Linda Merrill of Surroundings.

Cote de Texas:  will be in the blogging history books (or perhaps Kindles/iPads)!  Congratulations Joni! Thanks for being you

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