Sunday, October 2, 2011

Irena Stallard, My Dear Friend, Her New Blog

I continue to be surprised by the kindness of my social media friends. (and technology!) 

One life-changing surprise was meeting my dearest friend, Irena Stallard.  She is a treasure and has a heart as wide as a ribbon circling the globe.  She has started a new blog! Be sure to bookmark it! It is amazing! (She also has a YouTube Channel where you can see the places where she photographs!)

This was a little note I wrote a while ago:
Yesterday she wrote this on my Facebook wall:  “Oh,forgot to say. I got a book today – Your book “Fresh Water” – delivered by a huge truck!! I like big trucks delivering one thing!:) Thank You!!!!” – Irena Stallard (Irena…Thank You!)
This morning she PM’d me to say, she couldn’t find her glasses. 
This afternoon she’s posting pics of my book, Fresh Water,  on her laptop in her office!  Irena Stallard is the most beautiful person – and artist and photographer and writer…oh my. And she ‘so pretty’ too.
From Virginia With Love.
P.S. Did I mention that Irena is a fellow Pirate and that she has a pet snake called Pete?

Photo Credit:  Wise, Virginia - Irena Stallard and her living room!
Enjoy another great Facebook friend post here!

Have you met any great new friends on Facebook?

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