Sunday, October 16, 2011

Baby Blue Corduroy

I spent a few days this past week in second hand shops with my dear friend Sarah.  Sometimes I don't buy anything, I just photograph the interesting fabrics or detailing.  Do you know, one time I was escorted out of a place like this for using my camera! Oui! It's true.  This baby blue corduroy jacket is one of my finds. I adore it. I love the feel and the fit and wear and buttons and this aged, worn look.  The flower is a gift from Sarah, the nail polish a gift from Kimberly Seldon (I was a media guest at her Dabble launch) and the pirate scarf is a gift from Floral Designer Judy Nicholls.  My necklace?  Ah. The silver chain from Taylor Hoit of Sugarnook, the scareb from My Kuwait Girl when she lived in Cairo, Egypt and Lady Liberty's torch was a gift for myself!  Anita, another dear, dear friend believes. 'All things come together for good.' I agree!  Even in fashion.

1 comment:

Jan said...

Baby blue perfect with your baby blonde hair.

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