Monday, October 3, 2011

Altar of Writers

If you love books and reading and blogs and films and magazines and writing like I do, I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this desktop wallpaper I’ve designed as an ‘Altar of Writers’; sending you the right words, stories, characters, beginnings, affirmations, endings, tears, laughter, motivation, inspiration – delight – hope – dreams – sending the ‘Publishing Goddesses’ your way. (Just click on the image to enlarge, save, set to desktop) These women are my favorites. (ah you ask..just these? well, no…I have many more…like my dear blogging friends…and of course my ‘Sloan’…but for me, these are just a few of the creme de la creme) I have an overflowing folder on my laptop with information, articles, bio’s and interviews of each of them. I learn from them every day. Featured are the following women of literature, publishing, media, Internet and film:

In truth (my truth), anything you love or dream about can become an altar. An altar can take any shape, medium, form, location, size; does not have to be housed in a temple, candlelit grotto or on the dashboard of your junker car. Make your altar personal and your ‘very own’ special place. Be creative. And if you do build an altar, send it to me (not the whole altar, just a photo) so I can share it with my readers! (pattifriday at hotmail dot com) Please stay in your seats until the captain announces that it is safe to leave the ship. Thank you for sailing with Captain Liberty.
Canadian Hugs, PFXO

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