Saturday, June 13, 2020

Simple Seven

For my overall happiness & wellness journey, I strive to achieve these 7 things daily. 

1. Water 8 glasses/day
2. Whole Food Nutrition
3. Sleep 8 hours
5. Personal/Family/Friend Time 8 hours
6. Meditation, Exercise + Prayer
7. Creativity & Fun

Note:  I try my best to eat a plant-based diet.  
(Full disclosure here:  I have a thing for 'cake' and I love to bake!) 

Speaking of baking.  My favorite!
The Royal Family's Baker Book

My personal at-home spa/health apothecary supports my wellness journey and looks something like this:  

A combination of whole food nutrition vegan omegas, supplements (B12 + Vit C), essential oils , ritual baths (epsom salts, botanicals, oils, candles, sound)....I'm a 'tub enthusiast'.... tea, crystals, skincare (morning/night 3 minute facials), simple & minimal makeup and my art practice. 

Love this book!

Links HERE

Peace Love Create Art

Photo:  My Granddaughter Jet. The Pearl Curriculum The Art Stadium
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