Sunday, July 15, 2018

Do you want to lose weight and have more energy?

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Hello Friends!
In June 2018 I turned 59. 60 is around the corner! Oh my! I needed to and wanted to lose weight, PLUS I wanted to have a lot more energy. Why? I have 4 grown children, 7 adventurous grandchildren and many active friends - Did I mention that I’m single and ‘MUST’ take care of myself? It’s important that I improve my health and I was also looking for a way to earn a ‘good’ paycheque without a Boss. Yes. Without a Boss!
Enter my dear friend Joann Prior. She decided to go back to her roots of helping others succeed in business, had recently lost 15 pounds quite simply (was full of boundless energy) and she contacted me to share her exciting news. I knew that the wellness industry would be a perfect fit for myself and others so I decided immediately to team up with Jo with an established company that was launching into the Canadian market - AdvoCare.
My personal goal is to get healthy, live better longer and pay myself a ‘good’ paycheque so that I can be financially fit and independent in the coming years.
My business goal is to help as many people as I can succeed in their own wellness journey. I want to build champions!
What is your No. 1 wellness goal? Perhaps you are like me. You want to lose weight and have more energy! Let's team up and journey together! PM me!
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@pattifridaywellness (Instagram)
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Patti Friday: Reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Newton Street Art Barn in Victoria Harbour, Georgian Bay

188 Artisans & Counting...
Waiting for you on a lovely country road....
A shopping destination 
filled to the rafters with the most
incredible creations...

If you are looking for a fun, family outing....
Looking for a cultural activity on rainy days....
Wanting a place to cool yourself during heatwaves....
Searching for the perfect gift or home accessory....

The Art Barn is for you!

The Newton Street Art Barn, located in Victoria Harbour, ON opened in June 2015.
They provide an opportunity for Artisans to showcase their talents to the public in a creative, rural storefront on a consignment basis.
They feature handmade items and original artwork with a focus on recycling, reusing and re-purposing.

So friendly!  
Owner, Paula Lauzon

Find the ART BARN

Paula Lauzon

Newton Street Art Barn

2406 Newton Street

Victoria Harbour, ON

L0K 2A0

705-534-7062 Art Barn

Patti Friday: Reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'
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