Saturday, December 29, 2012

Delhi Rape Victim Dies

To All The Good Men (forgive my rage for a moment): To ALL the evil men in the world who hurt women. We have discovered an island just for you. When you abuse a girl or woman you will be hung from a wire, flown over the ocean by helicopter and dropped onto the island. The only other inhabitants will be men. There will be no food, electricity, mobiles or females. No internet. No clothes. No shelter. No clean water. The entire island will be surrounded by hungry great white sharks. You will never be able to escape your HELL. You deserve it. God help you.

More details HERE HERE and HERE.

Patti Friday, Photojourno, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Food Becomes Us

Sarah Britton is one of my favorite Bloggers.  I learn from her every day. So happy to share her new video from her first TED Talk.  Enjoy....and get a pen and paper ready!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2013 Blogging

I sit here dreaming of a studio space inside the Embassy of Ideas; a multi-purpose room really, where 'Cultural Creatives' could share vegetable soup or a communal potluck and a chilled bottle of Canadian beer or wine.  Special events, pop-ups, exhibitions. Kidnap breakfasts. A closet of props and a wall of photography equipment. The ultimate toolbox for an Editor.

There by the bank of windows, a standing desk with fresh flowers every Friday. Up, up, up off the chair for me in 2013!

After 5.5 years here on my blog, I have realized quite clearly that I still love the freedom of blogging - writing about many different topics. A range of arts and culture, current events, design - even on my journey of a plant-based lifestyle.  Early on I gave myself permission to post about anything I wanted each day so I could be unchained by a niche.  Some may poo-poo frown upon this, but initially I was naive and thought I could be someone like Nora Ephron with a camera. (She was and is my hero) It remains a buffet and I thank you for visiting often. 

When I began to ponder my goals and focus for the new year in early December I posted this as my Facebook status:

'If you go to the pantry of your creativity you'll see what ingredients you have and what you can make. For some people it takes a long time to find the pantry.'

Don't be shy to share your list of talents once you discover them.  We need everyone to live on purpose. It is not arrogance or bragging! (We all have weaknesses. So what! Let's build on our strengths)  

Here are a few things I am good at:

1. Publicity. I know how to promote the shit out of something or someone. 
(I can only take on 3 more clients in 2013, so please have your people call my people quick!)

2. Photography. I may not own the biggest beast, but my little monster works quite well.

3. Writing. I love words and people seem to like my words too. (I also publish a 'very' local blog for my hometown. Have you read it before?)

4. Art. I have been creating art my entire life. (I design apparel. Did you know?)

5. Ideas.  I have many ideas and I don't allow anyone to tell me they are 'worthless without action'. Ideas are like gold. 

An old, dear friend gave me some feedback last night. He said among other things, '......intelligent, interesting, engaging, shy, happy, designer, idea purveyor-facilitator, photographer, artist, writer can't decide if one word describes what I think you do....I think you have created a network of people, an idea exchange that seems to feed many different purposes for many different people.....and you seem to enjoy the hell out of it!' (Thank God for friends)

You see, the challenge I have imposed on myself is to distill it all down to my core essence and find one title. A descriptive word. But I can't. I am a few things.

Publicist. Photographer. Author. Editor. Creative-Ambassador-At-Large. Photojourno.

Photographer + Blogger = Cultural Producer. (Who loves Pirates, The Statue of Liberty and cake.)

But mostly. An Editor (who excels at publicity, photography, writing and ideas)

Get my drift?

So here's to another New Year!  I wish you success. I wish you health, happiness and peace. 

I wish you love.


Editor, Embassy of Ideas

P.S. I found the pantry.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year Emerald

For Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year is Emerald (Pantone 17-5641), described as “lively, radiant, lush green” as in the Emerald Isle itself.
“Green is the most abundant hue in nature–the human eye sees more green than any other color in the spectrum,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. “As it has throughout history, multifaceted Emerald continues to sparkle and fascinate. Symbolically, Emerald brings a sense of clarity, renewal and rejuvenation, which is so important in today’s complex world. This powerful and universally appealing tone translates easily to both fashion and home interiors.”

Due to its resemblance to the precious gemstone of the same name, Emerald has a perception of being sophisticated and luxurious. It’s been connected to growth, renewal and prosperity. For centuries, many countries have chosen green to represent healing and unity.

While the 2012 Color of the Year, Tangerine Tango (Pantone 17-1463) a vivid reddish orange provided a boost of energy to move forward, Emerald “enhances our sense of well-being further by inspiring insight, as well as promoting balance and harmony.” (If that’s the case, perhaps the halls of Congress should be painted Emerald?)
Eiseman reports that green have become more popular in ready-to-wear and couture in re cent season, even on the red carpet. The color is suitable for all occasions and its “classic elegance makes for striking and irresistible women’s formal and everyday wear as well as accessories.”

Among the designers who incorporated Emerald into their Spring 2013 collection include Tracy Reese, Nanette Lepore, Barbara Tfank, NAHM and Marimekko. Yet since Emerald tends to balance and act as a foil for all colors of the spectrum, it will continue to make a statement into fall and winter collections.
The harmonious nature of Emerald makes it a natural in cosmetics and beauty, too, especially a complement to peaches, pinks, roses, ruby reds and aubergines. In fact, Pantone has partnered with Sephora on a 2013 Color of the Year beauty collection, premiering in March 2013. (Get all the news here.)
Emerald also will be providing a sense of well-being in home, too. Pantone will even be offering Emerald bed linens and accessories exclusively at JCPenney stores beginning in February 2013.

Emerald (Pantone 17-5641) can also be cross-referenced to all other Pantone Libraries including Pantone Plus for graphic design. For cross-referencing information, see

About the Pantone Color of the Year

The Color of the Year selection is a very thoughtful process. To arrive at the selection, Pantone quite literally combs the world looking for color influences. This can include the entertainment industry and films that are in production, traveling art collections, hot new artists, popular travel destinations and other socio-economic conditions. Influences may also stem from technology, availability of new textures and effects that impact color, and even upcoming sports events that capture worldwide attention.

For more than a decade, Pantone’s Color of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries, including fashion, home and industrial design, as well as product packaging and graphic design.

Source and here. and here.
SKULL Art by Patti Friday HERE.

Patti Friday, Photojourno, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Psychology of Color Infographic

More detail here.

Patti Friday, Photojourno, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Dr. Oliver Bronson House and Stables

I love the Bourne films. But I love Matt Damon and dammit if he wasn't cast in the latest Bourne Legacy movie. But wait! It redeemed itself two ways. First, it was a damn good movie and second - it had one of the best houses in it that I had ever laid eyes on. Let me put it another way. I want one.

*LOTS of photographs here.

Oliver Bronson House, also known as Dr. Oliver Bronson House and Stables, was originally built and substantially redesigned by architect Alexander Jackson Davis in 1839 and 1849. It was an early example of the Hudson River Bracketed style that he originated. Dr Bronson was the heir to an affluent banking family and was probably introduced to Davis by his brother in law, Robert Donaldson.The grounds are probably an early example of the work of landscape architect Andrew Jackson Downing. Bronson sold the house in 1853. Afterward it was absorbed into the grounds of an institutional school and eventually a prison.It is now leased by Historic Hudson, Inc., and is potentially going to become a museum.
It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 2003.

The house was a setting of the 2012 film Bourne Legacy.

Here is an excellent pdf on the property.

Dr. Oliver Bronson House Day Book BLOG 

Patti Friday, Photojourno, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Distillery District Christmas Market

The Distillery Historic District opened in 2003 and today it is widely regarded as Canada's premier arts, culture and entertainment destination. A place brimming with creativity and creative people. A place that can inspire dreams. And a place that can help them come true.

What you will find is a dramatic fusion of old and new. An inspired blend of Victorian Industrial architecture and stunning 21st century design and creativity. The result is an internationally acclaimed village of one-of-a-kind stores, shops, galleries, studios, restaurants, cafes, theatres and more.

This holiday season Toronto will once again celebrate the romance and magic of a traditional Christmas at Lowe's Toronto Christmas Market. Inspired by the Old World and influenced by the New, this free annual event captures all of the tradition, heritage and charm of a European Christmas Market, while showcasing hundreds of unique and local handcrafted products. Family friendly entertainment includes musicians, carolers and children's choirs.

What is a Christmas Market? (amazing pics here)
A Christmas market is a street market which celebrates the traditional sights, sounds and scents of Christmas and is staged during the weeks leading up to Christmas. These markets originated in Germany, beginning in the early 1400's, and are now
being held in countries all over the world.

Patti Friday, Photojourno, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'.

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy

Never before seen images! What hot chemistry looks like. (and they are still coy)

Patti Friday, Photojourno, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'.

Melissa Rycroft

I wanted Kelly and Val to win, but still so happy for Melissa. She earned DWTS trophy! Amazing show.

Patti Friday, Photojourno, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Yellow Card Vaccination Record App

New app puts vaccination records at your fingertips!

OTTAWANov. 27, 2012 /CNW/ - Is it time to say goodbye to the yellow card, that iconic paper method of recording vaccinations? A new iPhone app aims to make keeping track of your children's vaccinations easier by putting this important information literally at your fingertips.
"The yellow card seems like an antiquated system for storing information," says Dr. Kumanan Wilson, the physician behind ImmunizeON, an iPhone app released today by the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI).
Many people are hard-pressed to know exactly where their immunization records are or whether their children's vaccines are up-to-date, information required by schools and public health. When their next vaccination appointment comes along, they go without their yellow card, resulting in a new card with information to be transferred to the old one they couldn't find. This scenario is not uncommon.
OHRI's first iPhone app gives Ontario residents - and eventually people in other provinces - an easy way to track their immunizations, and more. Now available for free through iTunes, ImmunizeON provides a way for parents to:
  • keep immunization records for their families at their fingertips,
  • update records on the spot and create an electronic yellow card
  • receive vaccination reminders according to the Ontario vaccination schedule and the child's age,
  • access credible information on vaccines and what to do in case of an adverse reaction
  • receive alerts about outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases in their area, and
  • send vaccine records to their home email for backup.
ImmunizeON is ready to use for children born after August 2011, which is when the vaccine schedule was last updated. However, people can manually enter any vaccine in the app to keep track of their children's records.
"While the paper yellow card remains the official vaccination record, we hope this app will make it easier for parents to keep track of their children's vaccinations," says Dr. Wilson, who is a scientist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, a Canada Research Chair in Public Health Policy, and an associate professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Ottawa.
ImmunizeON is a pilot version that paves the way for a fully Canadian version in the coming months, which will offer vaccination schedules and alerts from across the country.
Dr. Wilson also wants to develop the app for Android and BlackBerry phones.
He hopes that this is the first stage of a larger vision to make the app part of an integrated system of immunization records that includes public health agencies, with whom Dr. Wilson has been communicating throughout the development of ImmunizeON.
The app is now available on iTunes by searching for ImmunizeON. It also works on an iPad.
SOURCE: Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
For further information:
Media Contact
Paddy Moore
Manager, Communications and Public Relations,
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
613-798-5555 ext. 73687
613-794-6912 (cell)

Patti Friday, Photojourno, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'.

A Tale of Two Santas

Oh! 2 Ho's! #wasagabeach #collingwood See all the pics here!

Patti Friday, Photojourno, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'.

Kama Sutra The Getaway Kit

Bought this for a weekend anniversary getaway with my wife. She absolutely loved it. The portions of each item are big enough so that there is plenty left for a few more special nights. Great kit, we loved it. - Aaron

The Getaway Kit Includes : French Vanilla Crème Body Soufflé 1.8oz, Vanilla Crème Oil of Love 1.8 fl oz,Sweet Honeysuckle Honey Dust with a feather applicator, Love Liquid water-based Lubricant 1 fl oz, a Romance Candle and a small black zip travel pouch.

Patti Friday, Photojourno, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'.
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