Monday, October 3, 2011

Photography Fees

I am dedicated to the medium of photography and visual storytelling.
 If you are looking for someone with a unique point of view 
who can photograph experiences 
with a sense of spontaneity and authenticity, I'm your girl.

****NOTE: As of January 1, 2020 I am NO longer photographing weddings. The weddings I have shot have given me immense joy and I am forever grateful to the couples who trusted me to document their love.

Ongoing, my fine art photography and writing is my focus.
Thank You.

Patti xo

"The velvet hand...the hawk's eye." 
- Henri Cartier-Bresson

I am a natural light, candid and cinematic/documentary Photographer.
Fiercely carefree, curious and interested in everything and everyone.
I shoot digital with various cameras - (mostly) little and (sometimes) big guns. 
(See my thoughts about camera-equipment-tools at the very bottom)
I prefer to shoot early morning or late afternoon when sun is lower.
I love to shoot outdoors or in a room filled with natural light.
Beach, Streets, Gardens - Urban or Countryside. You decide!

My hourly fee is $250 (within 1 hour of my studio in Wasaga Beach, Ontario)
My magazine-inspired shoots include my pre-planning, producing, time and talent 
PLUS my post-production | digital tech expertise.

Portrait Sessions are typically 2 hours.
You will have B&W and colour images - typically 20-25 great shots will be yours from shoot.
All images are yours* to do what you wish! 
You may share and print the images; privately, with others, online and on social media.

*I retain copyright of my work. A model and/or location release may be required.

I will travel anywhere in the world. (this is an additional fee)

Weddings – Documentary Style

****NOTE:  As of January 1, 2020 I am NO longer photographing weddings.

I book 1 wedding per season per year
$5000 for the entire day and several hundred professionally edited images.

Travel Expense & Accommodation are an additional fee. 
(If further than 1 hour from Wasaga Beach, Ontario)

Note:  Together we may assess that a wedding's specific photographic needs WILL require an additional Photographer (from my team), this will be an additional $1000.00 + travel expense and accommodation for that extra shooter.

You may contact me:
TEXT:  1.705.790.8351

View a few of my wedding images here.

One of my missions is to increase awareness about 'The Photographer as an Artist'. Like all other Artists, a Photographer has a gift to see things others may not. To have a point of view and a talent for capturing life's moments.  The Photographer will unveil the story and give the viewer a narrative. The size of a Photographer's camera or the amount of money they have spent (loans - credit - cash) on their equipment, accessories and toolbox does not always equal magnificent work.  What counts is the art;  the eye. 

I have stood beside wedding guests who are taking pictures with $10,000 cameras while I create with a $250 compact pro camera or pro mobile phone.  I have never been disappointed (nor have my Clients) by the outcome of the images. 

As a natural-light, candid, cinematic/documentary style image maker, I promise you my best talent. 

If you long to be a Photographer but are lacking confidence or are embarrassed by your toolbox, I urge you to get going. Don't wait. Get busy shooting. Photography is a verb. (and an art)

Thank You

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