I have published 12 books:
Babies (Fiction Novel) 
Fresh Water (Photo Book)
Hoit Farm (Photo Book)
Society of Prophet Men Selected Poems (Poetry)
Lilac Swirl (Photo Book)
The Pirate Code (Poetry | Photo Book)
Honey Honey Listen:  (Photo Book)

You may preview and purchase them here.  

My books on Amazon.

Start reading my novel ‘Babies’ in the next 60 seconds with my Kindle Edition HERE. 


"I read this book (Babies) slowly and methodically, taking time to savor it's wonderful imagery and lush character development. My impressions are really hard to put into words, but I will try my best: This is one of the great books of our times! It is filled with life lessons and truths that some might consider difficult to face head on. Stock up on plenty of tissue and tall glasses of ice water, because the pace of this book is at the same time measured and untamed. One of my favorite quotes from the book was: "Time is a thief that steals opportunities." Don't miss the opportunity to read this wonderful, knowing book. You'll thank yourself and Patti over and over..." - Ulterior

“Patti….. I picked up your book last night and did not put it down until hours later when I finished reading the last page! I was intrigued by Sydney’s story and I wanted to know what she would choose for herself, where she would end up, and if she would follow her passions and creativity. I LOVED this book from the be…ginning to the amazing ending! Anyone who picks up this book will not be disappointed because it is a touching and inspiring story! Congratulations on publishing your book, I hope many read it and fall in love with it like I did!” – xoxo, S. Walter

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