Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Garland PDF Printable

What will $2 buy you today? (Oh what fun!) I've just posted a wonderful Thanksgiving Garland I designed that you may purchase from this blog - right here - NOW. It will be a "pdf file" that you will receive via email within a few hours of purchasing the garland. All you have to do is print it off in colour on card stock or heavier paper or photo paper (your choice) and then string it up with the ribbon or string of your choice. Voila! A lovely decoration for your upcoming holiday week!
I am selling it via paypal and it is priced at a 'Recession-Gratitude-Thankful-$2' !!!!!
Please let all your friends visit Patti Friday to get their own Thanksgiving Garland.
ONLY $2.
(What a thankful deal...I think)
BONUS: I've added an extra gift! A placecard image for your tablescape! Included with the 16 card garland pdf - all for ONLY $2.
BUY BUTTON located directly to your right at top of blog side bar! Thanks!
or HERE:
****DON'T FORGET to include your email address so I may promptly send you the pdf file!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Now Open Black Friday (My Holiday Store)

I'll be heading south early next week for a shoot. Jamaica!  I've opened my holiday store right here right now - just for you!  Here is the merch made by me that you might have on your list!

1. My Books

Babies (a novel)
Freshwater (a photography book)
Society of Prophet Men (a book of selected poems)

2. My Art

5 to choose from here!

Happy Shopping!
Thank you so much for shopping with me!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Dirty Joke

I heard a tasteless riddle recently.  'Why do women have smaller feet?  So they can get closer to the kitchen sink to do dishes.'  Well, I don't know about you, but I am so very thankful to be a woman with tiny tootsies so that I can get up close and personal to the load enabling me to make pretty pictures! Ha!

Now, who wants to dry?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Golden Centerfold

RT and Smile!  This is why depression is up. 'A Dog's Life' is so much better. Reminds me (with great joy) of Desire to Inspire's 'Monday's Pets on Furniture' series!

The Granite Club

Without a doubt, some of my best memories as a young teen have to do with my hours and hours spent at The Granite Club in Toronto. It was the 'old' and 'original' Granite Club on St. Clair and it was heavenly. I'd arrive after school and eat cinnamon toast and sip hot chocolate with Barbara Ann Scott's Mother. (she seemed to be 100 then!) My friends and I would bowl and run up and down the wide staircase to the different floors. Amazing how I took for granted the 'chit'. Ordering whatever I wanted and 'just' signing for it. The halls of The Granite Club are filled with a rich history. The decor was 'old money'. Lovely. Traditional. Velvets. Deep greens and burgundys. Solid wood trim and banisters. One time when I was ice skating there was a bomb scare and all the members had to be evacuated! That was exciting.

The Granite Club name is rich with meaning for those who honour the values of tradition and family.
For generation after generation, the Granite Club has been a place where families enrich their lives, value time together, and share special moments. With its warm, caring atmosphere, the Club fulfills its founders' vision by taking on an important role in the family traditions, celebrations and lives of members. The traditions and prestige of the Granite Club can be traced back to 1836 when a half dozen gentlemen organized an "uptown" curling facility located at Chapel and St. Mary Streets which provided the members with a clubhouse and a covered two-sheet curling rink and an outdoor skating rink. During these first years several prominent Canadians became members, including Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir Edmund Osler, and J.D. Edgar, Speaker of the House of Commons and by 1875, there were approximately forty-two members. In 1925 a piece of land on St. Clair Avenue West, near Yonge Street, was purchased to accommodate a growing membership, the changing face of recreational activities and conversion from a gentlemen's to a family club. The St. Clair location housed seven badminton courts, several five-pin bowling lanes, a swimming pool and two squash courts in addition to curling, skating, lawn bowling and tennis. In 1929, the Granite Club held its first Skating Carnival, which became a family tradition. Over time, demand required expansion, and additional curling, squash, bowling and social facilities were added.
Those were amazing times that I will never forget. Today the new Granite Club is on Bayview Ave. and the old entrance was preserved and moved to the Guild Inn Gardens. I can't tell you how many times I walked, skipped and jumped in and out of these doors!
Toronto Life Magazine Says:

Arguably Toronto’s most luxurious club. In addition to the elegant decor and swanky facilities, there are 24 personal trainers on hand to give new members detailed fitness assessments. The reward: access to two spacious floors of immaculate cardio and weight machines, massage tables, an active therapy clinic, and Stott Pilates Reformers (for one-on-one sessions). Curling, one of the club’s raisons d’ĂȘtre, is still popular. Spinning, martial arts and boxing are taught in the fitness studio. Also on offer: figure and power skating, two 25-metre indoor pools, four badminton courts and seven squash courts. Of 12 Har-Tru clay tennis courts, nine are in play year-round.
How much:
initiation fee $12,000–$30,000, annual fee $205–$2,530

Nate Burkus and Caskata

Seriously, amazing design! Enjoy this very short, goosebumpy vid! PFXO

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Small But Mighty 'O' Magazine Debut

Please don't laugh or snicker. I couldn't bare it. I really couldn't (wink), but gosh darn it, my photograph made it into the March 2010 issue of 'O' Magazine. Page 153!!! You're going to have to look real hard past that gorgeous blond and up over her left shoulder; this exercise may require a magnifying glass...but it's there (see the yellow asterisk in the top photo?), in all it's glory! (my Holiday Hunt card for Amanda Jaron, Jewelry Designer extraordinaire) When Amanda posted her video of the photo shoot for the magazine, I couldn't believe my eyes. How fun to see it (at 18 seconds - pause it) in the background. This was the highlight of my weekend - that and the Olympics and vanilla ice cream with a side of Earl Grey de la Creme steeped tea. (I remember being excited like this a few years ago. Remember?) Thank You Amanda for keeping that little postcard on your bulletin board and congratulations on your feature in the magazine! You look so incredible. (and your Hubby too!) And for the damn, I am going to frame it! LP xo

The Welcome Glow of Morning

Monday, November 14, 2011

United Nations World Diabetes Day

Every 10 seconds a person dies of diabetes related causes. Within the same 10 seconds, 2 new people develop the disease. Each year this adds up to more than 3 million deaths and 7 million new cases around the world. Diabetes is a global epidemic with devastating human, social and economic impact. Let this day, November 14th be a day that the whole world stands together to increase awareness and a passionate determination to work together to stop this silent killer.

Photo is of my Daughter who has lived with Type 1 Diabetes since she was a toddler. (She is 23 now.)
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