Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Girl Boss Advice: Desk Job Must Haves


Sitting down at a desk for the majority of your day can be draining! Here are some oils/products that are MUSTS to have on hand! 

+ CLARITY : This is one of our most often used oils during school and work times. Amplifies your mental alertness and provides space for clear thinking and greater focus. Think RESET! Also a favorite for us for soothing a tired head.

- Keep it at your desk and inhale straight from the bottle.

- Apply 1-2 drops to wrists and back of the neck

- Diffuse at your desk

+ DEEP RELIEF: This blend is perfect for all the stress and strain in your neck, shoulders, and other muscles. We also rub it around the outside of our ears when they get stopped up for relief.

After a long day, the icy goodness down your neck and on tired muscles say THANK YOU!

+ THIEVES SPRAY: Need to lightly mist a keyboard, a bathroom door handle or a table to eat lunch at? This is your best friend!

Your non-toxic alternative to hazardous sanitizers. The cleansing power of Thieves, oh so convenient for every need!

Have this little power house close by so that all the people hanging at your desk can stay extra clean in a safe and non-toxic way.

**** Other desk job favorites are: Motivation oil, Nitro, EnRGee oil and Ningxia packs!

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I am an independent distributor of Young Living.  Patti Friday Kennedy #12680967
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