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Thieves: Hello Immune Support

Let's talk about THIEVES!!!!

Okay honestly, I think this should be a staple in anyone's home. HELLO IMMUNE SUPPORT!!!! Thieves is one of my absolute favorites, and one that I go through the quickest, cause I'm all about that immune support. Plus it smells amazing!!!

Thieves® essential oil is a powerful combination of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary essential oils for an aromatic blend that fills any space with a rich, spicy aroma. Inspired by the legend of four 15th-century French thieves who formulated a special aromatic combination composed of clove, rosemary, and other botanicals used while robbing the dead and dying, Thieves is one of Young Living’s most popular products.

With the benefits of Thieves oil including cleaning power and an irresistibly spicy scent, Young Living offers it as an essential oil blend and as an important ingredient in a full range of home cleaning and personal care products, from dish soap to toothpaste. Looking to make your home smell as clean as it looks? Diffuse Thieves oil throughout the house for an aroma that makes every room smell more like fall baking than harsh cleaning formulas.

Thieves essential oil uses:

+ Refresh musty carpets by adding 5 drops of Thieves to a cup of baking soda; combine well and let sit overnight until the oil is absorbed. Sprinkle over carpets and vacuum thoroughly.

+ Diffuse 6–8 drops of Thieves to help create an environment of peace and security. Customize your Thieves experience by adding a few drops of Orange, Tangerine, or Nutmeg essential oil.

+ Put in a few drops of Thieves essential oil blend in your dishwater or dishwasher to thoroughly clean dishes and eliminate odor.



With Thieves® Vitality™ you’ll have a quick and easy way to balance your busy life and your wellness. With Young Living’s Thieves Vitality essential oil you can support overall wellness and a healthy immune system* with just a few drops.
Thieves Vitality combines Lemon, Clove, Eucalyptus Radiata, Cinnamon Bark, and Rosemary essential oils to create one of our most popular products. These ingredients synergistically combine to offer one of the key benefits of Thieves Vitality oil: overall wellness and support of a healthy immune system. Additionally, Eucalyptus Radiata Vitality may also help support a healthy respiratory system when taken internally*.

Use the sweet, spicy flavor of Thieves Vitality as an addition to your daily wellness regimen. Its constituent oils such as Clove Vitality, Lemon Vitality, and Cinnamon Vitality give a comforting seasoning to warm food and drinks. Add Tangerine Vitality or Orange Vitality essential oil to Thieves Vitality to further brighten the flavors of your favorite foods.

Thieves Vitality Essential Oil Uses:

+ Add 1–2 drops to a vegetarian gel capsule and take daily or as needed as a dietary supplement.

+ Put a drop or a swirl of Thieves Vitality essential oil in your morning juice, tea, or coffee. The spicy, sweet flavor will also give your morning beverage a flavor boost.

+ Add a drop to oatmeal, granola, or other cereal to elevate your breakfast.

+ Take a shot of NingXia Red® with a drop of Thieves Vitality for a quick, spicy boost to your daily NingXia Red shot.
Include a drop of Thieves Vitality in a cup of warm water or milk to add it to your wellness regimen.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


From Courtney Critz

How Did D. Gary Young Formulate Thieves Essential Oil Blend?

Young Living Founder and Chairman of the Board D. Gary Young recounts the history of his formulation of the essential oil blend Thieves, which was created as a result of his studying at the Warwick University in London, England, in 1991 and spending many hours at the London Library researching essential oils and their history.

“I must tell you that I have read 17 different versions of the Thieves story,” says Gary, “Some that claim there were four thieves and others that claim there were 40! Many of these legends took place in the 15th century, but still others put the date in the 18th century. The formulas also varied from one story to the next, but through my research, I was led to four key botanicals that were mentioned again and again. Those ingredients were clove, cinnamon, rosemary, and lemon—four of the same ingredients that make up Young Living’s Thieves essential oil blend today.

“The legends speculate that the thieves believed that wearing this special combination of botanicals provided protection while they were stealing. French authorities recognized that there was such value in this mixture that upon the thieves’ capture, they received a more merciful punishment on condition that they divulge the ingredients in their secret formula to the king.

“To round out my modern Thieves formula and add another element of protection, I included eucalyptus radiata, which would have been rare to find in those days.”

First and foremost, do you know what is in the Thieves blend?

+Clove Essential Oil
- Nature's richest source of eugenol
- Highest scoring single ingredient tested for its antioxidant/ORAC capacity
- Known for its immune-enhancing properties

+Lemon Essential Oil
- Powerful antioxidant agent
- Contains 68% d-limonene
- Widely used as a natural solvent and cleanser

+Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil
- Rich in antioxidants
- Research shows it possesses antimicrobial abilities
- Supports the digestive system

+Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil
- Versatile and health-promoting
- Contains powerful eucalyptol compound
- Lab tests show it effective against bacteria

+Rosemary Essential Oil
- Shown to possess antimicrobial properties
- Supports mental alertness
- Fights mental fatigue

You can see how these ingredients would work together to be a pretty perfect combination for cleaning your body, mind, and your surroundings! We are going to have a wonderful month-long journey!

WHY are we rubbing Thieves Essential Oil on our feet, putting it in our diffusers, and using it in our cleaners, sprays, detergents, and hand soaps? Why is Thieves Vitality Oil in our cough drops, and why are these oils in our supplement, Inner Defense? Because the individual oils that make up this incredible blend have been studied successfully for their ability to inhibit even the growth of multi-drug resistant bacteria. is full of complicated and hard to understand research showing study after study where essential oils prove their serious power over the bad guys in our bodies and homes. Like the study quoted below:

"In this study, 83 essential oils were initially screened for biofilm inhibition against Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Cinnamon bark oil and its main constituent cinnamaldehyde at 0.05% (v/v) markedly inhibited P. aeruginosa biofilm formation."

Not into all the science jargon? Let's break it down. The biggest and ugliest stuff that just keeps growing even when hit with the strongest drugs and chemicals? It apparently runs SCARED from these oils. Scared. So let's add this up.

Your body. Your home. Your surfaces. Your air. All protected by this combination of master warriors. That's pretty much what we're doing with our beloved Thieves. Putting it in every product we can so that we have the maximum fighting power at work on behalf of our health. I don't know about you, but I'm all about something fighting FOR me, for my health, and for my family each day. See ya, yucky stuff.


Okay, tell me all your favorite THIEVES stories!! How do you like to use it? What are you favorite roller recipes?!? SHARE IT ALL!!!!

I am an independent distributor of Young Living.  Patti Friday Kennedy #12680967

***  Any suggestions made on this blog are very specific to Young Living essential oils and should not be used with oils from another source. Statements made on this website about Young Living Essential Oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease or injury should consult with a physician. If you are currently on medication, please DO NOT STOP.

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