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Monthly Wellness Box: Essential Rewards Class

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Class! 

Our next Mentorship Class on Facebook begins next month. Please let us know if you are interested. pattifriday@hotmail.com

Be sure to have a pen and notebook ready.  Get comfortable. Let's begin!

Thanks for coming to today's/tonight’s class. We want to share with you everything that’s available to you in your Young Living Membership and Essential Rewards is one of the HUGE perks! We are all friends here in this little community and REAL friends tell their friends how to SAVE $$$ money, get FREE oils, and soak in all the perks of YL!  So sit back and enjoy!


Essential Rewards..ER..The Monthly Wellness Box...Christmas Every Month!

Essential Rewards is Young Living’s automatic shipment program that delivers your favorite products to your door!

Enjoy the convenience of an automatic monthly shipment! THIS takes one more thing off of your to do list! [YES PLEASE] Just set up your order and kick back while all of your favorite products are sent right to your doorstep, month after month! It’s FREE to join, you can cancel anytime, you get freebie oils, and you get 10% back right away then 20% back on everything just a few months after you join.

But let’s keep talking…..


The free points! ….which you use to buy FREE THINGS...FOR FREE!

This is the real kicker….
Not only do you get 24% off as a MEMBER of Young Living, but when you join ER, you also get an additional percentage back ON EVERY ORDER!

Earn points toward future purchases with every Essential Rewards order. As your months with Essential Rewards increase, so do your rewards!
For example, place a $100 PV Essential Rewards order in your first 3 months and earn $10 dollars back to your account to redeem for free products. The more you order, the more points you can redeem for FREE Young Living products.

+The FIRST THREE months that you are an ER member, you earn 10% back on your ER orders. So if you place a 100PV order, you earn 10pv in points to buy free oils and products, which is like getting everything you buy at 10% off.

+Months 4 THROUGH 24 you earn 20% back on your ER orders. So if you place a 100PV order, you will earn 20pv in points to buy free oils and products.

Your $100 order just went to an $80 order!

+Months 25 AND ONWARD you earn 25% back on your ER orders. So if you place a 100pv order, you will earn 25pv in points to buy free oils and products.

That’s a $100 order for only $75!

For those that are already on ER, how many points (aka Young Living Dollars) do you have saved up to spend right now? We wanna know!


Um yes…...

Every month Young Living offers an exclusive oil for free to members of Essential Rewards with a qualifying purchase (of usually 100PV) under your Essential Rewards order.

Example:  The free Essential Rewards bonus oils this month are:

+5 ml Tea Tree for a 100 PV order 
+5 ml Nutmeg PLUS the 5 ml Tea Tree for a 250 PV order!

This is only given to those who are on Essential Rewards!

As a member of ER, Young Living sends out exclusive oil gifts for being a member.

+Receive a free 5 ml Peppermint oil after 3 months of membership.

+Receive a free 5 ml Thieves oil after 6 months of membership.

+Receive a free Breathe Again Roll On after 9 months of membership.

+Receive a free Loyalty Blend oil after 12 months of membership. This is an EXCLUSIVE loyalty blend formulated by Gary Young that you can ONLY get from being on ER for 12 months!
For veterans of Essential Rewards, what has been your FAVORITE freebie you’ve received?


Discounted Shipping
All Essential Rewards orders qualify for reduced shipping costs! BOOM.

Okay we’ve talked about the points, the free oils, now let’s talk about DEEPER discounts on packages that are EXCLUSIVE to essential rewards members!


This is by far the best value for Ningxia Red! This is such a great package to stock up on and you only get this DEEP discount if you order through Essential Rewards! It’s the equivalent of 80 days of Ningxia for only $181! So let’s do the math...if you buy this kit through essential rewards, starting month 4 when you get 20% back on your ER, you will basically get this kit for $145 because of the points you get back using ER. That equals out to $1.80/day for this life-changing, immune boosting, energy sustaining supplement. I will change my budget however I can to make room for that!.....this is coming from the nerd budgeter of the family!

This package includes:

+4 pack of Ningxia Red bottles
+One box of 30 2oz Ningxia packets

This is the best value for stocking up on all the Thieves things for your home and you only get this discount if you order through Essential Rewards!!....holler to the Mamas!

This package includes:
+Thieves essential oil blend, 15 ml ($33.75)
+Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste, 4 oz. ($10.25)
+Two Thieves Household Cleaner, 14.4 oz. ($22 x 2 bottles)
+Thieves Mouthwash, 8 oz. ($11)
+Two Thieves Foaming Hand Soap, 8 oz. ($13 x 2 bottles)
+Two Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier, 1 oz. ($5 x 2 bottles)
+Two Thieves Spray, 1 oz. ($9 x 2 bottles)
Price if purchased individually - $153
Kit price - $115
This ends up saving you almost $40!!!!!!! Pretty sure you could use that $40 on a mani/pedi instead! Yep, definitely can!

Tell me WHY you love ningxia!
And tell us what Thieves product you can’t live without and why!


Okay so how do you make ER pass the stamp of approval from the budgeter that’s probably sitting next to you on the couch right now? Well, lemme tell you…. What we have done is REPLACED things that we buy at the grocery store with Young Living products!

You can add anything and everything that YL has to offer through your ER order.

So my grocery shopping experience is literally THAT much easier and quicker now because there are ENTIRE sections eliminated from my list. 

Everything that I used to buy in the cleaning aisle, the bathroom aisle, the hair product aisle, the vitamin aisle….all of it I have now switched over to buy from Young Living.

A few things we buy from YL instead of Target:
+Thieves Laundry Detergent
+Thieves Dish Soap
+Thieves Automatic Dishwasher Detergent
+Thieves Toothpaste & Mouthwash
+Body Soap and Bar Soap
+Face Wash & Moisturizer
+Kids Soap and Shampoo
+Tender Tush Diaper Cream
+Thieves Hand Soap
+Moisturizer & Face Wash
+Wellness Products of Every Kind (Vitamins, Supplements, Energy Support, Over the Counter, etc.)
+Animal Care
+Healthy Food Products (Protein Powder, Wolfberry Crisp Bars, Pasta, Tea)

So tell me some things that some of you have added to your ER order that always stays in your ER order every month!


I just want to show you ONE huge staple for my ER order...and that’s the Thieves Home Cleaner.

Check it out….
Thieves Cleaner
You can replace about 90% of your household cleaning products with this stuff! 
Highly concentrated - use 1 capful for every few cups of water.
Fill an entire spray bottle with 1 cap
Kills mold more efficiently than bleach
Cuts grime better than any natural cleaner you’ve probably ever used.
Safe enough to inhale and spray around your family without even wiping it up. 
Smells like Christmas so it makes you happy about cleaning your counters. It’s true.
A bottle of this stuff will last you SO long.
Cleans counters, toilets, mirrors, sinks, tubs, outdoor furniture, dog crate, floors, car, and anything else I can with this stuff.


What do you value?

For those who put a high value on their health - it’s literally priceless to make small choices your entire life to live a more toxic-free life. These small choices cost more upfront but throughout your life could save you and your family thousands of dollars in the doctor’s office and at the pharmacy and could save you your health. If you have time to research in detail all of the products that you’re using on your family and can compare and contrast the ingredients and possible side effects as you’re walking down the aisles of Target you would be astonished at what the FDA approves as safe for your little babes and for YOU.

Think about the alternative….
Spending time researching products
Spending time searching think dirty app or various websites to figure out if things like Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate in your baby’s organic shampoo is safe or not. 
Spending time going to the store or searching through hundreds of similar products on Amazon
Using something that is toxic.
Using something that if ingested you have to call poison control (check your toothpaste people and see what it tells you to do if “ingested”)
Using products that irritate your skin (think eczema, rashes, breakouts)
Using products that disrupt hormone balances (think PCOS, thyroid imbalances)
Using products that have KNOWN cancer causing agents
…...yall, no! Just no to this!

Get the Unbelievable Facts on Cosmetic Safety:
Products labeled “organic” or “natural” can contain petrochemicals, and those certified as organic can contain as little as 10 percent organic ingredients by weight or volume (Certech 2008).
The FDA doesn’t require companies to test cosmetics products for safety
Cosmetics companies may use almost any ingredient in their products without review or approval (FDA 2005). 

The FDA allows the cosmetic industry to police itself.

*In its more than 30-year history, the industry panel has declared only 11 ingredients or chemical groups to be unsafe (CIR 2012).

Many of these chemicals are potential hormone disruptors (Gray 1986, Schreurs 2004, Gomez 2005, Veldhoen 2006). 

They frequently contain enhancers that allow ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin. 
Studies have found health problems in people exposed including increased risk of sperm damage, feminization of the male reproductive system and low birth weight in girls (Duty 2003, Hauser 2007, Swan 2005, Wolff 2008).

Most cosmetic marketing claims are unregulated, and companies are rarely, if ever, required to back them up, even for children’s products. 

FDA has no authority to require recalls of harmful cosmetics. Manufacturers are not required to report cosmetics-related injuries. (FDA 2005).
Federal law allows companies to leave some chemical ingredients off their product labels, including those considered to be trade secrets, components of fragrance and nanomaterials (FDA 2011)

And sometimes when you THINK you’re using something that’s natural and safe, you really have no idea that it actually is….unless you spent hours researching!!! One of Target’s more natural selections we used to buy: Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwashing Gel, Lemon GOT AN “F” rating! AN “F”!

Young living gives me peace of mind. I know that no matter what I choose, they are going to have already done FAR more research than me to find the best ingredients for their products. I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t have to research all of those ingredients, because I know from doing it enough, Young Living’s are going to be the premium option out there. All of this has brought me to trust Young Living’s products, research, ingredients,motives,and their care for the people they get to share these products with. That right there equals STRESS AND WORRY FREE for me.


I want to show you some amazing things that will give every man, woman and child the peace of mind you’re looking for in toxic free products…….
Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash
It gets a little boring putting Young Living’s ingredients into the EWG Skindeep Cosmetic Database, because everything we search for scores a 1, and you know what, that’s just FINE by us!

Plant derived natural based formulas
Combines botanical extracts, vitamins, and silk proteins with the therapeutic benefits of essential oils

Rich, hydrating, and cleansing products free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and toxins
Natural based formulations
Therapeutic grade essential oil blends
Earth-friendly packaging

+ Dish Soap
My favorite part about this dish soap is this part of the caution label:
Naturally derived ingredients
Cleans dishes without chemicals, dyes, or synthetics. 
Uses Thieves, Jade Lemon, and Bergamot with other plant-based ingredients to leave dishes sparkling clean. 
Plant-based formula is free from SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), SLES (sodium lauryl ether sulfate), dyes, formaldehyde, phosphates, and synthetic perfumes

+ Dishwashing Powder
Infused with Thieves, Lemongrass, and Orange essential oils for extra effectiveness and a great fresh scent. 
Plant based powder that includes naturally derived soapberries, and two cleansing enzymes.
Made with naturally derived, non-GMO ingredients
No dyes, phosphates, artificial fragrances, or synthetic surfactants
Ultra-concentrated - most loads require just 1 tablespoon
Removes dried-on food, grease, oil, and other contaminants
Deodorizes and neutralizes odors
Leaves dishes sparkling clean


Alright...you’re DEFINITELY convinced now!!! I knew it! Let me tell you how to join!

Here’s what you do:
Step #1:
+Log into your VO and click the “Essential Rewards” tab on the far left column (see photo)

Step #2:
+Click “Join Now”

+Pick exactly what items you want to come in your ER - aka your monthly wellness box (this is the FUN part!!) You can easily look through the catalog OR search for products where the white bar is that says “product name or number”
+Then click “Save Monthly Order”

Step #3

+Pick a date that you want your order to be delivered. You can change your date every month if you want! So if you need to wait until later in the month to have your order processed, you can change it. Or if you want to get your box ASAP, move it to the first of the month. If you are wanting your order to go through this month, you need to make sure you pick a date PAST today. For example, when you are setting your ER up for the first time, if today was the 10th and you pick the 1st-9th, then your ER will be scheduled to process NEXT month.

Tips / Rules

+You have until midnight the day that your order processes to change your order.
+For wholesale members
+You must place a 50PV minimum order
+Be sure to double check your order the night that it processes to see if anything has gone out of stock. If things go OOS (out of stock), they won’t be included in your order.
+To ensure your PV isn’t affected when things go out of stock, make sure to set up PV assistant! It is super easy and makes sure you don’t lose out on those freebies and discounts you want! 
+ If something goes OOS and your order is less than 50pv minimum, it sets you back to “Month 1” status and you lose your tenure with ER. That’s why setting up PV assistant is great because you can add an extra shampoo, laundry detergent, lavender oil, hand soap, or anything you want that the system will automatically add to your cart if something goes OOS last minute. Don’t risk it - get PV assistant!


When you get to the checkout page, look for “Essential Rewards Points”. You will be able to select which products you can use your ER points on by clicking the box next to your product under the “essential rewards points” tab.

You are able to redeem your points after your second month of being enrolled in ER. There are a very FEW products that you can’t use ER points on and this includes:

+Brand new products released in the last 6 months
+Products (like diffusers) that are not the full PV value.
Another tip:
+You also need to use ALL ER points before cancelling your membership if you decide to or your will forfeit your points.
What have YOU bought when you cashed in your ER points?


Thank you times a million for joining us today/tonight! Please share this class with others who love to SAVE and receive FREE gifts! We are SO thankful for each of you and blessed everyday by your oil testimonies, your encouragement and your trust in this team! We love you therefore we NEVER want you to live in a world where you didn’t know about ESSENTIAL REWARDS! So there you have it, now you know!

Have a great day/night everyone!

So who’s with us?

If you want to learn more about the mentorship please reach out and we will get you plugged in.

Ways to contact/connect:

Email: pattifriday@hotmail.com
IG: https://www.instagram.com/pattifridayessentials/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/pattifridayessentials/

To purchase your starter kit and begin enjoying WHOLESALE prices (YAY) please visit:

Plug into our main business group here!!! -----> http://bit.ly/2kepM3e


I am an independent distributor of Young Living.  Patti Friday Kennedy #12680967
***  Any suggestions made on this blog are very specific to Young Living essential oils and should not be used with oils from another source. Statements made on this website about Young Living Essential Oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease or injury should consult with a physician. If you are currently on medication, please DO NOT STOP.

Patti Friday: Artist | Illustrator | Author | Wellness Community Member | Reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'

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