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Essential Oils and Emotions Part II Class

Welcome to Class

Be sure to have a pen and notebook ready.  Get comfortable. Let's begin!

A quick disclaimer before we get started: We are not Doctors, we are Mamas, Grandmothers, Wives, Sisters -- trying to do what's best for our family! Any information and advice given is meant to help educate and inform, not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Welcome to Emotions Round II: Beyond The Starter Kit! 

Some of the most popular questions we get asked regarding oils, are how to use them to help manage emotions. So today/tonight we are diving a little deeper into 12 oils outside the Starter Kit and exploring the science behind oils and emotions. We want you to be in charge of your emotions and actually use them for good! Your emotions don't have to control you. 

Thanks for joining us and get ready to release some negative emotions!


We’re going to start with some basic science. This is only the tip of the iceberg but when we heard this info for the first time it blew our minds. It sheds so much light on how our emotions affect us and how oils can help.

Everyone has some level of emotional toxicity that has built up over their life through traumas, both big and small.

For our purposes, trauma can be defined as “any situation where you got less than you needed and were not equipped to process it.”

These traumas actually get stored deep within our cellular memory.

+The limbic system of the brain is primarily responsible for our emotional life and also controls functions including adrenaline flow, behavior, motivation, long-term memory, and olfaction.

+Our olfactory (smell) sense is almost directly connected to the limbic system, meaning simply inhaling essential oils can have an immediate and profound effect.

A New York University study found the only way to release fear from the amygdala (part of the limbic system) is through smell.

Essential oil compounds can actually work to repair and reprogram cellular memory


The first step in releasing negative emotions is awareness. Often we are aware of the “things” that stress us out, overwhelm us or make us angry. But what we need to focus on is the “why” – the root issues behind our emotions.

If you’re not sure where to start with your own emotions, start by looking at the people you’re always around. Often we are most irritated by the problems we subconsciously recognize in ourselves but we recognize externally in other people. Also, fear is often an underlying cause of instinctual emotional reactions.

It’s best to work through one emotion, one situation, one memory at a time. 

Take your chosen oil and apply it to your wrists and the back of your neck. Then cup your hands over your nose and breathe deeply.

Focus on your emotion and your “why.”

Then begin to let go of the negative emotion and start focusing on the opposite side of that emotion, or how you want to feel about the situation or memory.

If you are working through a deep seated memory, this process will take time.

For example, it's the holiday season, the kids have cabin fever, your in-laws are coming in town in a few days, the house looks like a disaster zone, the presents you ordered online are delayed and you have a to-do list that's so long you don't even know where to start. Sound familiar?!

Chances are you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed, chaotic and anxious. Grounding or Bergamot would be a good choice.

Looking deeper at these emotions you realize they are driven by a fear of failure. That you will fail as a Mom by not giving your kids a storybook Christmas. That you will fail as a Daughter-in-Law by not being the gracious host with the beautiful decorations you envision yourself to be.

Now that you understand the root of your emotions, apply your oil and inhale it deeply. Begin to shift your focus to the positive. Focus on welcoming your family into your home with joy, on allowing yourself and your kids grace, on connecting and building memories as a family, and on releasing all the expectations you've put on yourself.

Then when your in-laws come through the door, roll on some Valor, feel any remaining self doubt melt away and make it the best Christmas yet!

Remember, everyone's body and emotional responses are different. So try a few different oils to see which one's resonate best with you!

For more in depth information we recommend the books Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, and Releasing Emotional Patterns With Essential Oils.

You might think that it’s strange to talk about your digestive system in this class. But the truth is, your gut and your brain are tightly connected and they communicate back and forth all day long! 

The impact of poor gut health on the functioning of the brain has been scientifically linked to a range of illnesses including ADHD, autism, chronic fatigue, OCD, anxiety and depression.

Good or “friendly” bacteria help keep our gut healthy, aid in digestion, control metabolism, reduce toxins, absorb nutrients and keep our immune system running.

The hormones secreted during a stress response contribute to the overgrowth of bad bacteria.

So poor gut health can actually contribute to increased negative emotions!

The first steps in getting your gut healthy are eating whole, nutrient rich foods, drinking plenty of water and taking a probiotic like Life 9.

Stay tuned for a more in depth class coming your way! 


Our first two oils address hormonal balance. 
For men, we have Shutran oil and for women we have Progessence Plus.

Unbalanced hormones can lead us to feel constantly on edge or moody (controlled by our emotions). Not to mention they can also lead to fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, memory loss and other health issue.

Progessence Plus is sure to become one of new favorite oils if it isn’t already! It contains super-micronized progesterone from wild yams and combines it with vitamin E and an essential oil serum to easily penetrate the skin. It has a warm, slightly floral scent and is best used on a consistent daily basis.

Apply 2-4 drops on the wrists or neck daily.
Shutran can be used by men or women but men often like to wear it as cologne. It inspires self-confidence and empowerment.

Apply 2-4 drops on heart, wrists or feet.

Meet Northern Lights Black Spruce. It’s intoxicating scent is fresh, clean, woodsy and masculine. The special qualities of this oil give it the ability to clear emotional “blockages,” allowing the user to better get in touch with their true feelings. It can be both grounding and stimulating, depending on your need. 

Helps Release Feelings Of:
Nervousness and hyperactivity
Lethargy and melancholy

Helps promote Feelings Of:
Harmony and goodwill
Relaxation and restoration

Ways To Use:
Add a drop or two to a hot bath.
Add a drop or two to your chosen carrier oil for massage.
Diffuse during prayer time, yoga and meditation.


Meet White Angelica. Many women love to use this oil daily as perfume – it has a clean, floral scent. It is comprised of a special blend that helps protect us from negative frequencies in our environments. 

Helps Release Feelings Of:

Helps Promote Feelings Of:

Ways To Use:
Diffuse throughout the day.
Wear on wrists and chest.


Meet Frankincense. It’s earthy and slightly spicy scent immediately brings a feeling of grounding. This precious oil has been renowned in civilizations throughout history for it’s powerful healing properties, both physical and emotional. At points, it was even valued more than gold and only those with great wealth possessed it. How incredibly lucky are we???!!

Helps Release Feelings Of:
Dwelling in the past

Helps Promote Feelings Of:

Ways To Use:
Apply to the forehead, temples and back of neck before relaxing.
Diffuse during prayer, meditation and yoga.

Meet Joy – one of Young Living’s most popular blends. It’s luxurious, floral scent simply exudes joy! Many women choose to wear Joy as a perfume. 

Helps Release Feelings Of:
Grief and sorrow

Helps Promote Feelings Of:
Love (both for self and others)

Ways To Use:
Wear on wrists, edge of ears, neck or chest. (Possible sun sensitivity).

Meet Grounding. It has springy, clean scent and is especially helpful for those who feel lost after experiencing a trauma or have lost direction in their life (even if just for the day). 
springy and clean

Helps Release Feelings Of:
Feeling frozen or stuck

Helps Promote Feelings Of:

Ways To Use:
Diffuse throughout the day.
Apply to the back of neck or temples


Meet Release. This is one of the six oils you will find in Young Living’s Feelings Kit 

This is the perfect oil for releasing negative memories stored in our bodies. It is best used as a secondary oil after you have worked to identify the memories and correlating feelings that need releasing. It’s scent is soft.

Helps Release Feelings Of:
Being held back

Helps Promote Feelings Of:

Ways To Use:
Diffuse throughout the day.
Apply topically to wrists, edge of ears and feet.


Meet Sara. This unique blend can be a powerful tool in emotional recovery, especially when working to let go of repressed memories (often from childhood). It’s scent is light, airy and clean. 

Helps Release Feelings Of:
Unmet expectations

Helps Promote Feelings Of:

Ways To Use:
Apply topically to wrists, ears, neck and feet. (Possible sun sensitivity).
Add a few drops to a warm bath.


Meet Orange oil. It smells just like slicing into a ripe, juicy orange! It has inherent antidepressant properties and also helps normalize gastrointestinal functions. It also helps stimulate the right side (the creative side) of our brain. 

Helps Release Feelings Of:

Helps Promote Feelings Of:

Ways To Use:
Great to add to diffuser combos.
Add a few drops to a tissue and inhale directly.
Add a drop to your water for a citrus twist.
Possible sun sensitivity – always cover skin with clothing if going outside.


Meet Valor and Valor II. Although these oils contain slightly different ingredients, Gary Young hand-formulated each blend to have the same constituent character and offer the same great experience. The rich and slightly fruity scent of these blends make them favorites for many. These can be key oils in overcoming emotional abuse and recovering from trauma. They are also powerhouses when facing a trial or season of adversity. Their natural properties help align the body both emotionally and physically. Valor II is one of the six oils you will find in Young Living’s Feelings Kit 

Helps Release Feelings Of:
Self doubt - “Im not good enough”

Helps Promote Feelings Of:
Self esteem and empowerment.

Ways To Use:
Apply to chest, neck and shoulders.
Diffuse throughout the day.
Add a drop or two to your chosen carrier oil for massage.

Meet Bergamot. You may be familiar with t’s warm and citrusy scent if you’ve every enjoyed Earl Grey tea. This is a truly special oil when working through the fatigue and appetite struggles that can accompany feelings of depression. It can stimulate hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin, which create feelings of sedation and relaxation. It can also improve the circulat
ion of your blood and help regulate your appetite.

Helps Release Feelings Of:
Depression and fatigue.
Stress and anxiousness.
Nervous tension.

Helps Promote Feelings Of:
Sedation and relaxation.

Ways To Use:
Place a few drops on a washcloth and place it over your chest while taking a hot shower.
Massage over the abdomen. (Possible sun sensitivity).
Diffuse in the mornings for an energetic start or simply put a drop in your hands, cup over nose and mouth, and breathe slowly.


I am an independent distributor of Young Living.  Patti Friday Kennedy #12680967
***  Any suggestions made on this blog are very specific to Young Living essential oils and should not be used with oils from another source. Statements made on this website about Young Living Essential Oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease or injury should consult with a physician. If you are currently on medication, please DO NOT STOP.

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