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Intro to The Oil Business


Hi Everyone! Welcome to Class! 

TAKE NOTE: Our next Mentorship Class on Facebook begins January 2018!

Be sure to have a pen and notebook ready.  Get comfortable. Let's begin!


Here is a video with a bit about this business and the beautiful opportunity here!

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Post 1: Welcome!
Thanks so much for joining us today/tonight.  Maybe you're curious about what we do as “work” within this YL community. Maybe you’re obsessed with oils and could see yourself diving straight into the pool of lavender if there was one. Maybe you need some extra cash daily because your budget is stretched thin but you don’t want to work outside of the home. Whatever brought you today/tonight, we are super glad that you’re here and our goal is to answer some questions that might be hiding inside your minds about this big wide world of the Essential Oil Business.  

So tell us, what brought you here? Who brought you here! We would love to know!

Post 2: What we do - Hang with friends!

In this business we PREACH about loving what you do, follow your dreams and not only that but LOVE your people.  This community of women who build the essential oil business has become like Sisters.  We get to talk everyday to some of our very best friends and other men and women who have become like best friends and even more like family to us.  If you are looking to build a business with people that you LOVE and WANT to be around on the daily, then this business is for you.

Think about it.  If you work a 40 hour a week job, the majority of your life and time is spent with the people that you are around in the workplace.  We have changed the standard of work life and work colleagues to be our real life Sisters, Moms, best friends, neighbors.  

One of the strategies that we have in building a business is approaching your very very best friends to join you on this journey to building a business.  And that is exactly how I have 6 of my best friends building this business with me...because I asked them to!  

YL also spoils us as we reach new ranks and PAYS our way to go on trips together.  Who do you want to go to the beaches of Maui, Hawaii with as a Diamond? WHO do you want to go to the lavender fields with as a Silver? WHO do you want to travel to Ecuador with as a Platinum?

Raise your hand if you would love to work with your Besties every day!

Post 3: What We do - We buy OILS!

Within the business we have the EXCUSE to buy oils and YL products because #1 it’s a tax write off #2 it’s a business investment.  If you’re like us and totally addicted to Frankincense or the ART skincare line, then doing the business now will give you every excuse to want and NEED to buy more products.  

We talk about it as 'becoming a product of the product'.  The more products you invest into, the more you can talk about what you LOVE which in turn will end up in you sharing about your new found love for XYZ which will in turn end in friends wanting what you have.  Investing in products = testimonies = sharing YL with friends =  friends signing up = more health change. You end up being able to help more people the more you know about how to use oils and products.   

Post 4: What we do - We Introduce Friends to Oils

Once you find your new love of essential oils, ningxia, thieves, etc. then you will easily start to share your love with all of your besties, your neighbors, your co-workers etc.  This might come naturally for you or it might be a stretch for you to be vulnerable to and share your love with people.  We will coach you through the ins and outs of how to communicate the opportunity with friends and teach you strategy on how to go about it.  

Think about meeting a need. How many times have you thought, Wow this emotional support or sleep support ( or insert a ton of other things here), would be such a gift to my friend Susie! It’s not about “selling a kit”, it’s about meeting a need.

Hosting classes in your home is one way to introduce friends to Young Living.  If you love to teach in front of people you can go about it that way.  If you love to host parties you can also have a 'stations class'.  We have resources for you to print off, throw your oils out on the table, and invite your people.  If you love to make DIYs then you can also have friends over and teach them how to do the same.  

One on ones:
If you love to meet with friends individually over coffee or a play date at the park or maybe just having them over for dinner then this is another way we teach about communicating the YL opportunity.  

Online classes/posts:
We have scripts created specifically for FB classes for you to copy and paste from.  Introduce friends to YL through the PSK (essential oils kit box) or specify it for mamas or women or men, we have sooo many classes to choose from.  We also strategically teach you how to go about posting on social media so that we don’t start overwhelming our FB and instagram feed with sales posts.  We just AREN'T those people.  

Post 5: We Make Money

You might be wondering IF this oil business can be a real substantial paycheck for us.  Take a look below at the Young Living income disclosure to see average paycheck numbers at the different ranks of YL.  

The average household income is $57,000 a year.  

An average SILVER makes $1,700 a month which equals over $20k a year.  
What if you added $20,000 a year to your household income?
What changes could that make in your life?
What if you added more?

The average GOLD makes $4800 a month.
That equals over $57,000 a year.
What changes could that number make in your life?

The average PLATINUM makes $12,188 a month.
That equals over $146,000 a year.
How could that number change your life and your kids lives and your husband’s life?

The average DIAMOND makes $32,000 a month.
That equals over $384,000 a year.
What kind of difference could you make in the lives of others with that number?

The average ROYAL CROWN DIAMOND makes $155,000 a MONTH.
That equals $1.8 MILLION a year!
What kind of legacy could you leave for your kids and your kids kids?
WHat kind of legacy could you build for other people around you?
WHat kind of difference could you make in your community?

In this business we get to dream really big and see really big dreams come true.  These numbers are spot on.  These numbers are real and they can be your reality too if you choose to work hard to build this business.

We talk a lot about strategy to build a million dollar organization within 4 years.  In what other job can you work for maybe 4 years and build an income of $1.8 million?  

What number above would change your life? Silver? Gold? Diamond? Lets hear it!  

Post 6 : Casting Vision for you

In this business we are big dreamers and we like to help you build your dreams too.  So let's take a second to dream. You know those dreams tucked way down deep that you think are for others but just aren’t for you.

Lets pull them out friend!

What dreams are in your heart? DO you have a heart to adopt? Do you have a heart for foster kids? Do you have a dream to have your own children? DO you want to help kids go through college by investing into their education? Do you want to help plant churches and give them the ability to invest into a building?  

What dreams are deep deep down that you thought were that….just dreams?  We want to PULL them out of you because you are given those dreams for a reason.  Just think for a minute if you really got to be apart of those big dreams?
What if you had the ability to adopt?
Think about the lives of the children you would change.
What if you had the ability to buy a building for your church to meet in?
Think about the lives that would change.
What if you helped kids pay their college tuition?
Think about all of the lives that would change.

The bigger that you can dream, the bigger that your business can become...not for just your benefit or your family’s benefit but for people that you might not even know yet.

Within this team we have seen leaders:
+Pay for children’s surgeries that they otherwise couldn’t afford.
+Afford IVF
+Adopt children into their family
+Tithe MORE in one month than we used to give in an entire year.
+Pay for their daughter’s dance class.
+Pay off hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.
+Come out from the crushing stress of finances.
+Give their husbands the ability to quit their jobs.
+Moms have quit their jobs to be home with their kids.
+Help contribute to the cost of bills monthly.
+Have the ability to shop at the grocery store of their choice.
+Have the ability to provide food and care for their kids with special needs.
And more.

What big dreams do you have deep down?  

Post 7 : So what do you have to do?

Enrolling your friends into the YL community with a premium starter kit (PSK) is first on your list. How do you go about doing that? Go to the post #4 about introducing your friends to oils and read it over again.  Think about how you would want to start talking about oils.  Then help your friends sign up.

But let’s also talk about what we have already created for you as you start to build your business and this is a BIG BIG part of it.  

We have spent over 3 years refining our process to help others build a business and learn about essential oils.  We had the vision to create resources and system so that when you start YOUR business we can hand it all over to you and you wouldn’t have to spend the hours and hours that we have already spent creating these resources and systems.  So here is what we have for you:

+Class scripts - for Facebook classes or Instagram classes
+Stations graphics to print out for in person classes
+Team EXCLUSIVE booklets for YOU.  Don’t want to teach the info side? Hand out our GUIDE booklets found here:
+Team EXCLUSIVE booklets for learning more about oils and products for kids, cleaning your house and more
+Business classes right here online and Facebook and/or Instagram
+Facebook groups for you to plug your new friends into so that they can learn about oils and so that you don’t have to manage a Facebook group
+Facebook groups to learn strategy about the business
+Monthly calls to talk business and strategy with your TEAM
And so so much more!

Post 8 : The ONE business requirement

You might be asking what is required of me financially in this business? The ONE requirement that NEVER changes is spending $100pv on Essential Rewards.  THAT’S IT.  

You don’t have to invest thousands of dollars in products to have stocked at your home.
You don’t have to sell things out of your house.
You dont have to ship products to people.

You only have to spend 100pv every month on the products for your own family.  

That’s it!

Post 9 : So What do you do next?

Next up is our business class right here on Facebook! We have something called The Mentorship that will walk you through the ins and outs, the strategy and the details of building this business.  We have poured over this resource for you and your leaders are here for you in these next weeks to answer your questions as you begin. This is an event that we teach monthly within our fb groups so each and every month that a new friend joins YOU in YL you can also let them know that there is an ongoing class for them to learn about how to build a business.  Plug them in anytime!

So who’s with us?

If you want to learn more about the mentorship please reach out and we will get you plugged in.

Ways to contact/connect:


To purchase your starter kit and begin enjoying WHOLESALE prices (YAY) please visit:

Plug into our main business group here!!! ----->

Post 10 : Thank you!

Thank you SO much for being curious and trusting us to teach you the ways to the YL biz! XOXO!

You are ready to purchase your KIT, click here

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