Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Death of A Camera

It's true. My life companion; my oxygen, has died. My Nikon drowned in Lake Simcoe after I recklessly and accidentally dropped it into the waves. I swiftly scooped and slushed it up into my tear dripping hands and promptly gave it CPR, but it was too, too late.  

For 3 days my little black beauty sat in the intensive camera care unit - a big zip-lock bag of Uncle Ben's converted rice.  Thank you to many of you who suggested this as a miracle cure. We tried. 

So what does a Photographer do now without a camera? I guess I'll begin by sharing some of last week's images. And then. From there. Something will click.

In particular I love the feather caught on the beach grass. I shot it at 'The Gloaming Moment', which I adore - that time of day that exudes poetic twilight and magical dusk.

(I am sending good thoughts into the universe for a swell answer to come my way.)  Depression has set in.

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