Wednesday, March 28, 2018

How To Use Essential Oils for Beginners

"Help! I feel crummy! I am new to oils- what should I do?!"
We have you COVERED!
+First up, grab that diffuser of yours and put in it:
3 drops RC
3 drops lemon
3 drops Thieves
+ Next up, take a big splotch of coconut oil and put in it 1-2 drops of Frank, 1 drop Lemon and 1 drop thieves- rub it on your chest, neck, spine and the bottom of your feet. REPEAT.

The biggest and ugliest stuff that just keeps growing even when hit with the strongest drugs and chemicals? It apparently runs SCARED from these oils. Scared. So let's add this up.
Your body. Your home. Your surfaces. Your air. All protected by this combination of master warriors.
That's pretty much what we're doing with our beloved Thieves. Putting it in every product we can so that we have the maximum fighting power at work on behalf of our health.
I don't know about you, but I'm all about something fighting FOR me, for my health, and for my family each day.

Diffuse lemon! It'll kick ya into gear and make you smile. Emotionally helps open you & increase focus. It's high in d-limonene (go Google what that does) so it’s the perfect immune system support! A drop in honey or warm tea does wonders for the throat & chest this time of year!
Frankincense quietly asks our systems all the right questions and then supports them in doing their job well.
Just as it's best to surround ourselves daily with those who are wise, it's also good to give ourselves frequent exposure to this ancient, revered oil
+ RC
RC - our favorite respiratory friend.
I LOVEEEE this oil. It smells like a dream and does his job like a champ!
Ways that I use this amaze oil:
+ Put a splotch of coconut oil in your hands, put 1-2 drops of RC, 1 drop Lemon and 1 drop Thieves all in the splotch. Rub on your chest!
+ Diffuse RC, Lemon + Thieves when you feel the yuck coming on.
+Make a 10ml Roller: 10 drops RC, 10 drops Peace and Calming, 10 drops lemon and 10 drops Frank. - thank you frog in the throat support!
An article on the dangers of using Vick's with children:
I find it interesting that this mainstream article is a few years old now and is only one of the many warnings we've received, and yet we are still not getting the message that we need to find better alternatives for our kids.
When we begin finding better ways to help our bodies truly fight illness, we begin to pull out of the cycle of the never-ending sickness that occurs when we only mask symptoms.
Symptoms are our bodies telling us they need help. We need to listen!


I am an independent distributor of Young Living.  Patti Friday Kennedy #12680967
***  Any suggestions made on this blog are very specific to Young Living essential oils and should not be used with oils from another source. Statements made on this website about Young Living Essential Oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease or injury should consult with a physician. If you are currently on medication, please DO NOT STOP.

We are NOT Doctors, we are looking to support ourselves and families with essential oils. Anything shared here is not intended to treat, diagnose, or prescribe any medical advice.

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