Saturday, December 9, 2017

Copaiba Essential Oil: The Fireman


So let me introduce you to Copaiba: The Fireman. 

He is ever on the alert, skilled, protective, strong. He goes quickly through the pathways of your cells seeking out the raging flames and pouring on the calming water of his many anti-inflammatory benefits.

Wherever there is "fire" or inflammation in your body, it is a signal of something going on. An arsonist at work (disease, stress) or a drought in your system that needs to be addressed (lack of nutrients).

This can also be the result of foods that you are eating such as refined sugar, modern grains, processed dairy, or other foods that don't work well with your body. Over time this compounds until you have fire raging everywhere and you are experiencing pain, digestive issues, skin eruptions, and brain dysfunctions. Eventually this leads to even more serious problems.

People often think that because they don't have digestive problems, they don't have gut inflammation issues. Not at all true. Gut inflammation shows itself as brain fog, pain in joints, emotional instability, and skin eruptions. It's ALL connected.

Eventually, if root issues aren't addressed, your body is spending all of its energy trying to function despite all the fire raging throughout your system.

Everything is burning and you are so busy dealing with the side effects of the fires, you can't ever get to the actual healing to keep the fires from happening.

You're taking medications to treat the pain, the meds increase the inflammation as your gut is damaged, thereby increasing the pain, leading to more medication for the pain…see the cycle?

We have to find a different way.

We have to find alternatives that can help us put out the fires, keep them out, and not do further damage to our systems. Truly quenching them is going to result in lasting relief and recovery. This will mean finding ways to reduce stress, to eat foods that nourish instead of harming us, and repairing the damage that has already been done to our poor guts.

And we need a hero. We need a Fireman.


How do you use Copaiba?

- When working on gut health, Copaiba Vitality is most often taken in capsules, starting with a few drops per day until achieving desired results. It can also be drunk in a tea or taken in drops under the tongue. If you feel that your gut is inflamed and compromised, this can be a very simple way to start the process of bringing relief so that you can begin rebuilding the health of your system.

- Copaiba is also often used topically for any discomfort or in any situation that needs recovery. Using this instead of pain relief that causes damage to the gut can greatly increase your chances of being more comfortable AND bringing lasting healing to your body instead of further damage."

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