Thursday, November 16, 2017

My Boyfriend Frank


I refer to Frank as a "him" because he is obviously my boyfriend!!!!

This oil has been life changing for me! Especially in this current season, I am dealing with a lot emotionally, and this oil has been such an amazing support! I literally crave it--and use it topically all throughout the day and diffuse it at night.

When I first got my kit, I began researching allllll the 11 oils, and I started reading about all of the INCREDIBLE benefits of Frankincense and was like I NEED to start using this oil consistently. Seriously--go to pubmed and research Frankincense. It will blow you away!!!

I put a roller right on the end of my bottle ( video on how to do that here: and added it to my night time routine.

Every night before bed I roll it down the back of my neck and on the lines of my face. Not only is it incredible grounding & is supporting my skin better than ever...but it has SO many benefits...its like the gift that keeps on giving!

Frankincense has been used to ground and focus the mind during times of prayer and mental strain or grief.

Frankincense also has a similar effect inside the body, encouraging the cells and functions to come back to their foundations.

To help the body to remember what it does and why it does it.

What should it be protecting?
What should it be removing?
How should it be functioning?
Where should the garbage go?

Frankincense quietly asks our systems all the right questions and then supports them in doing their job well.

Just as it's best to surround ourselves daily with those who are wise, it's also good to give ourselves frequent exposure to this ancient, revered oil.

Who doesn't need a daily dose of calming, grounded influence?!


Frankincense Oil:

- Apply topically for skin benefits, helping the skin to restore to more of its natural state.

- Add to diffuser or palms and inhale deeply to increase focus and to ground and allow deep thinking.

- Rub on the feet or chest to support overall wellness.

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