Monday, October 30, 2017

Present Time: Release Suppressed Emotions

Present Time Essential Oil
Written by: Carissa Sherman
As you become familiar with essential oils, you will have memories of times that particular ones really stood out or were a support for you in a special way.
Some of the most distinct, and also funniest, oil memories I have are with Present Time. The first time that I put it on, I started laughing. Then, I started crying. Then, the laughing again. This is, in its most obvious form, an “emotional release”. These come in the form of laughter, tears, anger, sudden tiredness, sudden energy, physical sensations, dreams, and more.
The first few times that I applied Present Time, I had vivid memories of childhood pop up. I’ve noticed with both myself and others that these memories resurface are not always hurtful. Sometimes the release isn’t about a negative thing, it’s a chance to acknowledge something in a grown up way that we did not have words or understanding for as a child, so that we can move forward instead of living in the past.
One of the most dramatic emotional releases I’ve had was an acceptance of an overwhelming LOVE for someone who has been there for me my whole life. I cried and cried, but it was because as an adult, I saw how selfless their love for me had been, and that ability to recognize it for the first time was enormously freeing.
Even in that case of a strong POSITIVE emotion, it had been “suppressed”, because I had not found expression for that love. That suppression had caused a de-pression of my emotions!
I had suppressed something good, and it was pulling me backwards. I’m convinced this is where a lot of our emotional back-up comes from. Personally, I’ve decided it’s time to spend a lot more effort on the expression of love and gratitude than on worry. But that can only happen by acknowledging where we are living in the buzz of fear instead of harnessing our mental energy to be intentional with our thoughts.
I love this quote from Karol Truman’s “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die”:
“Thoughts are an indication of what you are feeling at the moment...feelings of which you may be totally unaware. So, the more often you recognize and can identify the underlying feeling behind each thought as it pops into your mind - the more proficient you will become at getting in touch with what you are actually feeling.”
Present Time oil helps to release suppressed emotions.
The new truth we can start to replace the old pattern with is: “Speak out - I am wanted and lovable.”
As you do the activation below, I want to tell you from experience that emotional release is not all about the bad things we have experienced or felt. So often it is a chance to stop being AFRAID so that we can experience love and learn to speak it out.

- Start your diffuser! Pop in about five drops of Present Time
- Apply a drop or two on your lower abdomen, rub in a clockwise direction
- If you can, sit alone in a quiet area for a few minutes and jot down the people, situations, memories, or whatever comes to mind as you are inhaling the oil from the diffuser and what is left on your hands.
- Take a moment to focus on the words “speak out”, and “I am wanted and lovable”.
Then get on schedule diffusing your Present Time! For this oil, I do recommend setting aside times that you can intentionally slow down to process a bit, this oil (as its name suggests) is for reconnecting the mind body and spirit in the present moment. Maybe diffuse it during a bubble bath, before you go to sleep, or during a designated quiet time
Note: If you would like to read more about the process of using essential oils for emotional release, refer to Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils by Carolyn Mein. This is a reference book with an introduction to how emotions store in the body and are released through the sense of smell and application of oil to specific points on the body.

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